Umass Boston traditional BSN spring2013?

  1. hey everyone
    I see no threads on those who applied to Umass boston traditional bsn program for spring 2013 so i wanted to start this one. Has anyone applied to the program? Im sure i cant be the only one lol. I got a letter about 3wks ago stating i made it to the application pool. Anyone else?
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  3. by   melissaPG
    I applied! Today is the deadline! Wonder how long it's going to take to find out. I'm very nervous. Did you apply anywhere else?
  4. by   Mcwhite1983
    Same here! I just graduated UMB in December and put in my application for a second bachelors degree. Graduated Magna Cum Laude in a joint major Psych./Sociology...Think I have a chance? I hear the Spring semester is more selective or has less space. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   melissaPG
    I graduated last Spring with my degree in Psychology from UMB too! I also was Magna Cum Laude. I feel very much in the dark about how many they take into the program. I sent in my CNA information too hoping that would help. I just finished the Red Cross CNA course a month ago. Looking for CNA hospital jobs right now...
  6. by   annap1124
    I am so happy someone made this thread! I applied in August and check my status everyday. I have also made it into the nursing pool. I have read some of the past posts an I think one girl said they only take about 50 people out of a 1000 for the spring. Also most seats are from transfers from other schools. I think once you make the pool it comes down to our essays and recommendations to get you in. It's going to be tough. I also heard if you get a status update and they said they made a decision, to check what it says your major is. They might change it to exercise science if you do not get in. Good luck everyone! Maybe only 50 people instead of 1000 will apply. This is also here say so speak with the school directly if you want facts.
  7. by   melissaPG
    I missed the February deadline so my application was moved to spring. I don't have a way to check the status though! I have been in contact with a woman in the CNHS via email and it appears that all of my info is there. Do you check your status on the UMass website?
  8. by   niqu92
    ok so i just found out like 2days ago i got accepted into Umaryland's school of nursing.even though UMD is a top nursing school i wanted to go to Umass cause the tuition is more reasonable but i have to submit my deposit for UMD by next wk and i wont knw if i got into Umass until a couple wks from now :/
    I dont want to risk waiting on Umass and finding out i didnt get in so im just going to submit my deposit for UMD. At least if i end up getting into Umass that will be one more open spot for you guys since i wont be accepting my spot

    Good luck to you guys!
  9. by   melissaPG
    Congrats! Even if it's more expensive it will pay off. Good luck in school and your career!
  10. by   Heath788
    Hey All! I also applied to the Spring 2013 Traditional BSN program. I got a letter saying I made the "consideration pool" Here's to hoping. Does anyone know exactly how many spots they have open for Spring?
  11. by   melissaPG
    When did you get your letter? I think it's around 100? I know they take less in the spring. Did you apply anywhere else?
  12. by   annap1124
    Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter yet? Or have any change in there status from nursing pool to a decision has been made?
  13. by   Heath788
    I got my letter around November 2nd. Just stating I made the consideration pool. Has anyone heard anything? I check the mailbox everyday. When you say that you check your status...does it change online? My status just says "complete" meaning my application is complete? Just curious.
  14. by   melissaPG
    I have no online status yet. I don't know if it's because I'm a Umass Alumni and I had to apply for a second bachelors degree? I know they have all of my information via email communication....hoping this doesn't go on until december, but who knows!