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hey everyone :) I see no threads on those who applied to Umass boston traditional bsn program for spring 2013 so i wanted to start this one. Has anyone applied to the program? Im sure i cant be the only one lol. I got a letter... Read More

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    Hi, Mcwhite1983! To check your status go to "Admissions and Financial Aid," click "Undergraduate Admissions" on the left, click "Check Application Status" on the right, click yellow box "Check your application status," enter your ID number and PIN.

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    If you are seeking a second degree (I am too), then we actually can't access our info via Wiser. I called Friday and they told me that they were reviewing second degree applicant all this week, and we will probably get an answer by NEXT week.
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    Hello, all! I got my letter of acceptance happy! Good luck to everyone! I hope you all get in as well.
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    Congrats!!! You must be SO excited!! Hope I hear soon!
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    Hi!I got my acceptance letter today! I'm very happy Good luck to everyone!
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    Thanks! Although I am VERY excited, I must admit it's a nervous excitement. It's the first hurdle of many, I suppose, so I should try to get used to it. Can't wait to hear about your good news, too.
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    I got my letter of acceptance today! Woot! I'm also very nervous, but equally excited! I can't wait to hear the good news from everyone else!
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    GOT MY ACCEPTANCE LETTER (in an email!). Can't wait to meet you all and begin this amazing new journey!
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    Congrats! Can't wait to meet all of you as well!!
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    Have any of you heard when orientation is yet? I'm already trying to plan my schedule using course wizard See you soon!

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