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hey everyone :) I see no threads on those who applied to Umass boston traditional bsn program for spring 2013 so i wanted to start this one. Has anyone applied to the program? Im sure i cant be the... Read More

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    Has anyone gotten an acceptance letter yet? Or have any change in there status from nursing pool to a decision has been made?

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    I got my letter around November 2nd. Just stating I made the consideration pool. Has anyone heard anything? I check the mailbox everyday. When you say that you check your status...does it change online? My status just says "complete" meaning my application is complete? Just curious.
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    I have no online status yet. I don't know if it's because I'm a Umass Alumni and I had to apply for a second bachelors degree? I know they have all of my information via email communication....hoping this doesn't go on until december, but who knows!
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    I know!! I keep checking the mail obsessively. Hopefully soon!! My letter I got in the mail said they would have a letter of decision sent on or before Dec 1. However, online it says you will receive a letter within the first week of December!! The waiting is killing me....but its almost over!!!
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    I just got on and checked Umass Application status. This is what it said: " A decision has been made regarding your application. You will receive formal notice in the mail within 14 business days. Thank you for your interest in attending the University of Massachusetts Boston. "

    Anyone else get this? In further research it looks like it wont tell you if you were accepted or not? Has anyone else checked online? Anyone get anything different? AGH. I certainly cannot wait another 14 days. This is excruciating. Were in the home stretch!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!
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    Check to see what degree program it is. If it says nursing still. Than you prob got in
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    I can't even check online!!! I'm going t call!
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    Ok just called, they said for a Second Bachelors (Which is what I am) they started looking at all applications today and will probably do so through next week! So by the FOLLOWING week I should recieve a letter or email....this is killing me. KILLING ME
    Anyone else a second Bachelors?
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    Hello, All! I've been following along for the last few days and just got around to registering. I, too, am waiting to hear about my admission for Spring 2013. My status online has changed to read that a decision has been made and that I will receive a letter in 14 days. Good luck to all! I'll be checking back to hear from everyone and will be sure to post my results as well.
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    I'm sorry but how do you check status online? All of my papers have been in since before the November 1st deadline. I am alum and applying for a second bachelor's...hoping I got something in mail, have been away for the past week. Fingers crossed.

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