UMass Boston Fall 2013 Traditional BSN - page 2

Hi I applied to UMass Boston for the traditional Nursing BSN program. Has anyone else applied? Heard back with a decision? I'm anxiously waiting..... Read More

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    Oh me too.. Lol.. Im sure you get in to umass.. Do other school require Teas test too? I studied a lot for the teas as well but English is not my first language so i had hard time for the test..
    Just relax.. You get very high score, they will accept you no condition !! Do u know any other students who took the teas?

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    The only students I know that have taken the Teas were for the Nursing program at bhcc, I don't remember their scores. I had a friend who applied to Umass Boston 3 times, finally got in the 3rd time and her gpa was 3.8, she didn't need the teas. It's just that so many students apply and they don't have enough space, so I'm a little worried.
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    Simmons College required the TEAS also, but not Northeastern.
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    Wow.. Yeah its so stressful .. I cant wait.. Im praying everyday !!
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    Good luck!! *fingers crossed
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    You too!! I'll keep updating status if i get anything.
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    I checked online and they say the decision has made, i will got the letter in mail within 14 business days.. Did you get anything?
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    omg! No nothing yet...
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    Did u check application status online? It should be saying something
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    Hey I just checked online and it says a decision has been mailed I read on another thread that if your major still says Nursing that means you probably got in, is this true? I really hope so because mine says Nursing, but I don't want to get my hopes up and find out I got rejected... oh the stress! haha

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