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Hi everyone! I have a few questions about the 14 month program to recieve a bachelors in nursing if you already have a beachelors degree in another field. I have 2 1/2 more semesters left... Read More

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    Just wanted to let you know I have a similar situation. I also have two small children (almost one year old and a 3 year old)...I have a BS in chemistry and have decided to go back to school for a BSN. At first I decided that I was going to do either an acclerated program or a direct entry into a master's program..after weighing all my options, I decided to do just a BSN at Salem State College. I don't want any loans and found this to be the most affordable although it is still competitive to get in. The acclerated programs were astonomically higher and the direct entry for MSN was too time consuming. It will take me three years and I have already done 1.5 years (half way there!!!). I'm not going to lie, it is tough but it is so worth it. I have to sacrifice a lot (things like family get togethers, going to the gym 5-6 days a week, watching TV) are all put on the back burner. However, I am so glad I did it. When I am done, I will have a schedule that will allow me to be with my kids bc I plan on working overnights so that I don't have to leave them with anyone. I am also glad that I won't have any college loans to pay for either..If you have any questions, let me know!
    Hi! I already have a BS in Biology from Salem State, but am looking to go back there for nursing. When you say competitive, how competitive do you mean? I graduated with a 3.59 GPA, and am a Hospice volunteer. I am wondering what else I should do to make myself look good!