Umass Boston-Accel BSN: Application Process

  1. I am hoping there are some people here who have already applied and can answer a question about the application process. It says on their website: In addition, we do not use a form for the letters of recommendation."

    What exactly does that mean? Are there no guidelines, etc. in place for the person providing the recommendation? Can they just submit whatever they want? Also, did you have them give you the recommendation in a sealed envelope so you could submit all the application materials in one package?

    TIA for any input!

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  3. by   rloh961
    Some schools have a form you have to give to your recommenders, which might have some specific questions they want recommenders to answer, maybe a space at the bottom for the person to sign and date, etc. UMB doesn't have that, so the people writing your recommendations have more freedom to write what they want.

    My recommenders gave me my letters in sealed envelopes with their signatures across the seal. I hadn't specifically asked them for it that way, but they're just cool like that. I think that's fairly standard for letters of rec.