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Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

  1. by   sarang31
    Hello Everyone! I'm so glad that this thread exists!
    I just called them this morning and was informed that they will be sending out admissions decisions via email and then the actual paper via snail mail. I am so nervous!!!! I heard its competitive... I have a low GPA so my chances seem minute.. But whatever happens, happens for a reason!! For the sake of our future! So let's not be discouraged if we get rejected...

    If you guys have any other updates, please share!
  2. by   sarang31
    p.s. i forgot to mention that the mails will be coming today or tmorrow.. bahh!!!
    also, what are your average GPA's? if you guys dont mind sharinggG?
  3. by   sarang31
    hey!! i was wondering if you decided to apply to amherst? My GPA isnt the greatest as well, but I just applied anyways.. hahaha did you apply to other nursing schools??
  4. by   luce8888
    thanks for the update sarang31! My GPA was 3.7 for my bachelors and 4.0 for the prereqs (so far, but I am finishing up A&P I, and taking A&P II this summer!). Did you guys already finish all your prereqs before applying? I'm hoping this doesn't hurt me :/

    Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   andrewmorgan
    I have a 3.8 in my prereqs and 3.0 in my undergrad. I finished all of my prereqs except nutrition (which I am currently taking online and have an A) and 100 hours of volunteer experience (which who knows if that really factors into anything).
  6. by   terryann8
    it's my understanding that they changed the "rules" for 2012 and you have to had finished all your prereqs before the application date. But who knows! if they really did change the deadline to April 1 then they probably changed other stuff too.
  7. by   gogators1919
    The deadline was February 1st and you could have 2 courses in progress at the time of application.
  8. by   luce8888
    gogators19 - did someone in admissions tell you that it was okay to have two prereqs in progress? I thought that was the case too since I saw it said that on the website. But then I looked at another part of the website and it said you had to have everything complete by the time of application! So I may be screwed....!!
  9. by   kylie002
    Did you ever get an email that said your application was complete? I did, but I had all my pre-req's done before I sent in my application (before Feb. 1)...and then sometime before Feb. 1, I got an email saying my application was complete.
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  10. by   gogators1919
    I got the same email
  11. by   andrewmorgan
    This is what I was told when I went and physically had a meeting with one of the admissions counselors. Yes it says on the website "all pre-reqs must be complete by the time of the deadline" but that is NOT true for 2012. You are allowed to have one or two pre-reqs in progress and your teacher of those classes must email your mid-term grade to the school. That mid-term grade will be used to factor into your pre-req GPA.

    My nutrition classes I took a few years ago were not equivalent, so I am currently taking one that is equivalent and have already had my professor email them my grade.

    Kylie002..I did get an email that mine was complete, although the email said I applied for the RN-BSN lol. I emailed them and got a response saying I was however correctly coded for the Second Bachelors degree.
  12. by   kylie002
    There is a lot of of conflicting information between the two different pages that have information regarding the program...a woman even told me once, on the phone, that she was embarrassed by all of the "mistakes" or conflicting information...Not that that helps us any....still waiting
  13. by   dbabklyn
    hey I just wanted to let everyone know that I just got an email from the admissions office and i was accepted into the program for Fall 2012!! i'm sooo ecstatic!! good luck to everyone!! you should be hearing from them soon