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Hi all, Just thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone else applied for admission to UMass Amherst for Fall 2012. I hear it's really competitive....I'm nervous!... Read More

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    I was looking over the nursing school handbook on their website and it said that the 2nd degree application was due April 1st 2012. I guess they must have moved it back. Im pretty sure it was Feb. 1st. That's when I had all my material in.

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    I called today since I am so anxious about this!! The woman said that they still have a few more applications to review, but they hope to let us know by the end of next week.
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    this wait is horrible! when anyone knows anything, please post! does anyone know whether letters are electronic or snail mail?
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    I think they're sent snail mail (based on what posters from previous years said). Has anyone else heard news from other schools? Good luck everyone!!
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    Ya..Amherst is my last hope! Although it is my first choice school.

    What about you?
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    Hello everyone,
    I've called every week in the month of April, and every week they said they were sending the letters out early next week. It is now April 25th, and when I called they said it would be the end of this week. So, we are all still waiting patiently, or not so patiently, and will see what actually happens.
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    Hello Everyone! I'm so glad that this thread exists!
    I just called them this morning and was informed that they will be sending out admissions decisions via email and then the actual paper via snail mail. I am so nervous!!!! I heard its competitive... I have a low GPA so my chances seem minute.. But whatever happens, happens for a reason!! For the sake of our future! So let's not be discouraged if we get rejected...

    If you guys have any other updates, please share!
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    p.s. i forgot to mention that the mails will be coming today or tmorrow.. bahh!!!
    also, what are your average GPA's? if you guys dont mind sharinggG?
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    hey!! i was wondering if you decided to apply to amherst? My GPA isnt the greatest as well, but I just applied anyways.. hahaha did you apply to other nursing schools??
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    thanks for the update sarang31! My GPA was 3.7 for my bachelors and 4.0 for the prereqs (so far, but I am finishing up A&P I, and taking A&P II this summer!). Did you guys already finish all your prereqs before applying? I'm hoping this doesn't hurt me :/

    Good luck to everyone!

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