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  1. Hi, I have applied to the nursing program for the fall of 2013 and wanted to start this forum because not only am I extremely nervous/anxious over this whole process, I would also love to hear anyone's thought/ideas. I am not very familiar with the decision process, of course I have heard things but whether or not there is any truth to them or not I do not know. I know it is very competitive and I have this nagging feeling that I will not be accepted into the program. Does anyone know how they decide on which appicants to accept into the program? I know some schools use a grading system, for example, you get x amount of points for grades, x amount for attending that college, x for pre req's completed and so on... Not sure about STCC. I have been to info sessions, talked to my advisor, admissions office staff and other students and I am still pretty unclear. I am really hoping I get in, I want this so bad! If you are a pre nursing student or currently in the program or a graduate of STCC nursing program, I would love to hear from you!
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    Moved to the Massachusetts State Nursing Programs forum for more of a response.
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    Hi and welcome! I am currently in the STCC program graduating this May. First If you have any additional questions feel free to ask me or private message me. I will try to clear up some questions for you.

    Obviously I don't know exactly how they decide but lots of factors come into play, I do know a few things. The biggest thing is having all of your pre-reqs done, I know a girl with straight A's who didn't get in because her pre-reqs werent complete. That's not to say it's impossible there were a few people who had a class or two to take, but for the most part we all had them complete.

    The next big thing is gpa, if you had any classes with C's I would consider retaking them for a better grade if you do not get in this year. If you have mostly A's with a few sporadic B's you should be just fine. We had a different entrance exam then what you guys now take, but when we took it the priority was doing well in english and math. For example I got a 65 in biology because it had been close to 10 years since I had taken it haha, but I did really well in all the other sections. So they obviously didn't hold that against me.

    Also when letters finally start arriving, don't panic if you hear other people saying they got one and you haven't received one, they send out a couple waves of acceptances and will even accept people days before the program starts if a slot opens up.

    I'm not sure if that helps alleviate anything, but good luck with getting in and feel free to ask anything else!
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    I have applied to STCC's Nursing program for the Fall 2013 semester and I believe that I may be in! I haven't officially received my acceptance letter but I did see my status change in webadvisor to "moved to student". I have completed all pre-req's for the program so I really just have to focus on Nursing courses. I know that things may change within the program from year to year, but can you give me an idea of what to expect for the first semester? I am very excited because this is what I have been wanting and waiting for for so long...
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    I got my student email today (I currently attend Asnuntuck). I got it all set up and I saw the "moved to student" listing as well. I didn't want to get my hopes up because it could just mean I was accepted to the college and not the nursing program. So about 20 minutes later DH says, you know you got this other thing from STCC, Right? Big envelope, there was my acceptance letter! Despite having a minor medical procedure done today, I jumped for joy! Good luck to everyone, keep us posted!
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    Congrats on getting in dezprincesscc! Now I'm kind of anxious to get home from work today to see if I have mail! I tried to speak with someone from admissions but didn't get a straightforward answer about the changes I see in my major in webadvisor .. Good luck to everyone as well and I will keep you all posted on my status in the program...
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    I hope you heal well from your procedure..
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    I got my acceptance letter today! I couldn't be more excited!!
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    A Facebook page has been started for any students who are in STCC's Class of 2015 Nursing program!
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    Hi! This is in response to sh0722.. sorry I never got an email saying anyone replied..

    First off congratulations for making it into the program! It's a lot of hard work to just get in, but now the real fun is about to begin. The beginning of the semester can be a little bit overwhelming getting used to all the things you need to do, but I promise you it's worth it and if you put the time into it you need to you will succeed!

    Just some tips for you as you move into the semester and start getting prepared for school. The cost of books and supplies can seem overwhelming, don't hesitate to buy old or used books, check out amazon, ebay and barnes and noble online. I used all previous additions of books and never had any problems with them.

    Myself and many of the other students found the recommended study guides that went along with the text books to be pretty useless as they have no rationales in them. I know a lot of us put that down in our course review so I'm not sure if they changed them at all, but I would try to get a look at them before deciding to purchase. Also the suggested practice question books I found to be extremely helpful, especially the fundamental success Q&A book. (The Med-Surge Success book was also fantastic!)

    As for actual coursework, just remember to stay on top of your studying, I tried to set aside at least an hour or two after class each day to study, and It served me well. Re-writing a summary of my notes also proved beneficial. Don't hesitate to ask the professors for any help as well most of them are more then willing to give you any extra guidance you may need.

    Please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions, and good luck with your first semester!