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Simmons direct entry 2013

  1. 0 Anyone else apply and hear anything back?
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    Ya, I got accepted today. I've been accepted to MGH and Simmons and am waiting to hear from a few others. I'm trying to decide whether I want to pay the MGH or Simmons deposit (I don't want to pay both)... tough call. I'm going to try and find out if I'm getting financial aid from either... money is a major factor for me. What about you?
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    I haven't heard anything yet, but my app was "late" because a rec got lost in the mail so I had to have it resent... S hopefully within the next couple days ill hear something...did you get notified by FedEx?
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    I believe it was regular mail. It was sent to a family member's house though (I'm in the middle of switching apartments) so they just called me and read the letter to me. Best of luck to you!
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    Thank you! Congrats on getting in! Do you think you will be attending?
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    Just found out my application has just been sent to the admissions committee as of this morning..I wonder how long now till I hear!
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    Good luck! Their admissions office seems to be pretty organized and on top of things which is nice, so I bet you'll hear soon! It's a tough call.. MGH is more competitive and awards both a masters and a B.S. which I like but I feel like the professors and administrators at Simmons are more friendly and accommodating (which can be nice for things like clinical placements, financial counseling, etc.). It's really a tough call. Did you apply anywhere else or just Simmons?
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    Called Simmons today and they said they are sending admission letters out in waves again this year. Mine went out today! Good luck everyone!
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    I applied also to mgh (waitlisted) NEU and Regis still waiting on those 2 as well
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    I was accepted to MGHIHP and Simmons and chose MGH because I liked the tracks (I already know I'm interested in women's health so I want to be licensed as a women's health NP), I want to get a BSN as well (because who knows how standards will change in the future), and because MGH gave me a generous scholarship. I think both programs are really good though - it's just that MGH turned out to be better for me.
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    Ya it's a tough call for me cause at MGH I got accepted to the adult-gerontology program and I wanted to do family. I'm not sure how I feel about not being able to work with kids and at Simmons everyone does family. But I am concerned about the whole bachelors degree thing, do you think that will matter a lot? If we already have a bachelors in something else and a masters in nursing?
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    BrittanyNicole90 ,

    I am so sorry, I apparently cannot respond to personal messages until I have belonged to the blog longer. I received my letter February 13. They sent it to my permanent address, which I do not currently live at, so my parents read it to me over the phone.
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    Thanks! It actually came through! Thank you for the info!