Regis College Fall 2013 direct entry NP

  1. Hey,
    I just wanted to see if there was anyone else here that was applying to Regis College for the Accelerated NP BS/MS program. I have finished my application if anyone here wants to talk about the campus, program, or application.

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  3. by   JDuszer

    I also applied early decision for the Regis College Fall 2013 direct entry program. I recently submitted everything. I haven't heard anything yet about an interview.
  4. by   adt913
    I am in the same boat! I called today and they haven't sent out interviews this week yet, so maybe tomorrow? If not hopefully next week... We will know our decisions no later than the second week in January though!

    Where else have you both applied? I don't know much about the Regis program so if you have any good information to share please do
  5. by   adt913
    Got an email for an interview last night! Did either of you hear back yet?
  6. by   steve21021
    I got an email for an interview on wednesday night! I am pretty excited!
  7. by   adt913
    Congrats! My interview is Monday at 11:00 but I have no details about where or what to expect - do you have any info?
  8. by   steve21021
    Mine is wednesday. I also have no idea what to expect, but if i had to guess we should just be open and honest.
  9. by   Jennifer0512
    Interviews are pretty laid back (2012 grad here). Be yourself, relax, and tell them why you want to be an NP and go to Regis! Good luck!
  10. by   steve21021
    I figured as much. I will report back to others here after my interview to give you guys an idea of what it was like.
  11. by   adt913
    My interview is this morning and ill report back too!!
  12. by   armywife80
    News? How did it go?
  13. by   steve21021
    Mine went well. I feel like it was the standard questions that you would answer in your essays like why do you want to be a nurse, describe your passion for nursing, and so on so forth. There were not any questions that were "out there". It was very much straight forward.
  14. by   adt913
    I thought I had responded sooner! Sorry! Mine went the same. Very natural and encouraging. Hopefully it works out...