Regis College Fall 2013 direct entry NP - page 8

Hey, I just wanted to see if there was anyone else here that was applying to Regis College for the Accelerated NP BS/MS program. I have finished my application if anyone here wants to talk about the campus, program, or... Read More

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    anyone going to the accepted students day tomorrow??

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    Yes I went to the accepted student day. It seems like a great program. I sent in my deposit today.
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    just declined my offer! best of luck to you all!!
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    I declined as well. 1,000$ is just too much for me at this point. Especially considering I can't even weigh it against other schools yet because I haven't heard from anyone else yet. Good luck to everyone else!
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    We all make choices. At this point you should easily be able to weigh your choices. I wish you all best of luck. I hope you get into a school.
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    I meant weighing against other choices in terms of nursingschools, which isn't easy when you haven't heard from any other schools yet (none of the other Boston direct-entry schools makedecisions before February 4th). While Regis is a great school, it's notmy personal favorite so I decided to hold out for better options. For me, throwing 1,000 dollars at the first school that accepted me just wasn't practical. Had Regis been my top preference I would've considered securing my spot. Best of luck to all attending and to those still waiting on decisions from other schools
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    Anyone else apply regular admission?
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    And does anyone know if there is an interview for regular decision applicants?
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    There is an interview for qualified applicants. Information on this site claimed that 98% of early applicant received interviews. Good luck to all applying. Feel free to let us all k ow how you are feeling about the process etc. We are all in this together.
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    I'm feeling extremely nervous and anxious...I don't know what to do if I don't get in. I've applied to mgh (wait listed), Regis (interview Wednesday), simmons (still waiting to hear), and northeastern (no word yet) ... I graduated last spring with my bachelors in biology with a GPA of 3.689 (i missed 3.7 b/c of a dance class so dumbbbbb haha) but my pre req GPA is a 3.8 I believe...I'm just hoping one place says yes!!!

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