Regis College Fall 2013 direct entry NP - page 4

Hey, I just wanted to see if there was anyone else here that was applying to Regis College for the Accelerated NP BS/MS program. I have finished my application if anyone here wants to talk about... Read More

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    Nope nothing for me. Maybe tomorrow.
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    Hope to hear good from everyone else too!!!!!
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    Hey adt913 congratulations! I've been a lurker on this thread and finally decided to post. I just got accepted today as well! I also got wait-listed at my safety school (University of Southern Maine's Accelerated BA track) so it's been a mixed-feelings kind of day but I do feel very optimistic about Regis. Are you waiting to hear from other schools? I applied to a few other direct-entry programs in Boston but don't think I'll hear from them until the Feb. 4th registration fee deadline. I'm thinking I might as well pay it to save my spot, although it's a pretty hefty fee.. more than any other school from what I've heard.

    Best of luck to everyone still waiting!
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    Congrats you two. What did the letter say? thin envelope right?
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    Thank you! Yes, it was a thin envelop, which was very alarming until I opened it.. I was sure a small letter meant denial!
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    I may not be able to sleep tonight from nerves. That or the 7 month old with an ear infection in the next room...
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    Congrats to you both! I hope to hear back.
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    Yes congratulations to you both as well!
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    I got accepted. I don't think the joy will subside for a very long time. Good luck to all still waiting. Hope springs eternal....
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    At work so I'm not able to check my mail yet... Also recently moved so it may take longer to get to me. I'm just curious of those accepted, what specialty did you choose?
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    I am interested in gerontology which is currently not offered but may be by the time we have to declare in 2 years. I said probably FNP if not gerontology.
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    I'm going for Women's Health

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