Regis College Fall 2013 direct entry NP - page 3

Hey, I just wanted to see if there was anyone else here that was applying to Regis College for the Accelerated NP BS/MS program. I have finished my application if anyone here wants to talk about... Read More

  1. by   helperman
    I would wait. Regis is one if the I only schools to give a mail date. By the 7th they will be mailed out.
  2. by   helperman
    Mailbox empty again today....
  3. by   adt913
    I wish so badly I was in town and could check the mail! I remind my roommate daily! I'm currently in Israel so the time difference is throwing me off and making me anxious!
  4. by   helperman
    I hear ya. What's funny to me is that I could have cared less when college acceptances were outstanding. This is terrifying to a degree lol.
  5. by   vermontgirl
    Hey guys-

    I just discovered all nurses, and wanted to join this forum! I also applied to DE MSN, had an interview in December, and am waiting to hear back! So nervous.
  6. by   steve21021
    mailbox empty again today....happy birthday to answer.

    Welcome VermontGirl. I hope you are at least a classmate of our this next year!
  7. by   helperman
    nada again. Next couple of days should be fun...
  8. by   helperman
    This was the first year they interviewed so called "qualified candidates"only. Wonder what percentage of applicants got interviews.
  9. by   Char30
    Really..where did you hear that information? I thought everyone who applied was given the opportunity to interview.

    Well we should all hear something in the next couple days. Good Luck everyone and hope to meet you all soon.
  10. by   helperman
    That was before this year. The volume of applications has risen to the point that they started prescreening before Interviews are offered. Also no mail for me today. Gah!
  11. by   Char30
    Ok thanks for the info. I'm not home yet so haven't checked the mail, but I anticipate receiving something today or tomorrow.
  12. by   vermontgirl
    Did anyone hear anything today?
  13. by   helperman
    I live 10 miles from Regis. If I don't hear by Thursday I'll be emailing to find out if they made their own deadline or not.