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I didn't see a forum yet for fall '13. Has anyone heard anything yet? Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    I just found out that I was waitlisted for adult primary care. The letter was on the application portal and was dated 3/5. Interviewed on 2/28. Congrats to those who have been accepted!

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    I thought there was no waitlist? Ill have to check my status online. Did they email you and tell you to check?
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    Sorry. Wrong thread!
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    No worries! But for anyone who is wondering, I did not receive an email. I just decided to check today and the decision was there.
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    Hi everyone, I got a letter today letting me know that I'm on the waitlist for FNP. Has anyone else heard back about FNP yet? I'd love to know the date they want deposits for an estimate about how long I'll have to wait for a definite answer. Congrats to everyone who is definitely in!
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    Hey ijustwanttoknow, the deadline for deposits is March 20th I believe. Good luck!
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    I have just been notified that i have been accepted into Psychiatric Mental Health Track for Fall 2013. I was wondering when the deposit is due to hold your seat. My advisor did not go over that with me just stated 400 is due before I start. Do the instructions come with the letter i will receive.
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    is anyone doing NEU direct entry traditional neonatal NP track for fall 2013?
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    Hi CourtS91,
    I'm planning on doing the NEU direct entry Neonatal track this fall. I just sent my deposit in this week. I'm so excited to get started!
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    Awsome! Me too! Are you from the Boston area? Also do you know if there is a forum for the 2013 direct entry class yet?

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