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I didn't see a forum yet for fall '13. Has anyone heard anything yet? Good luck to everyone!... Read More

  1. by   merryka
    Congrats! I graduated from Emmanuel in 2011! Good for you for jumping right into school again, I had to take a break.
  2. by   leebee1989
    Hi everyone - I am new to post on allnurses although I have been actively keeping up with the various forums throughout my application process. I was waitlisted for the traditional direct entry pediatric specialty. I was just curious if anyone could speak as to when those who are accepted must tell the school their decision. I have been accepted to Johns Hopkins but truthfully am hoping to go to Northeastern as I am from the area and want to work here, so clinicals throughout New England would be invaluable for me.

    Thanks so much!
  3. by   obrienvx
    I was also waitlisted for the traditional PNP specialty, but am hoping they will get to the wait list! I am not sure when accepted students have to notify NU, but I spoke with someone in admissions who told me that they drew from their wait list as early as April of last year and as late as August.
  4. by   CourtS91
    Hi leebee1989and obrienvx,
    Accepted students have to send in their Comfirmation of Acceptance form and deposit by April 5, so I'm assuming after that they will start looking at the waitlists. Good luck! Fingers crossed!
  5. by   k13lynn

    I was accepted to the traditional PNP program but decided to attend a different school so one spot will open up! Best of luck!
  6. by   leebee1989
    Thanks you guys for all your updates! Any additional information is much appreciated. Good luck to everyone!