Newton wellesley hospital ( NWH )

  1. Can anyone give a little input about NWH...

    If you work/worked there, some pros and cons. Any input to ORs?

    (Side note: what is the employee parking situation like?)

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  3. by   Bulldogmamma
    I work at NWH and love it. I don't have a problem parking as I work 11p to 7a....if you work days 7a to 3p then sometimes they have you park in a lot a street away and they have a shuttle...If you take the train they pay for your T pass..
    Im currently taking prerequisite for ABSN programs and I have met a lot of people that are currently in programs or who are also taking classes. I have found everyone to be very professional and very encouraging.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
  4. by   kiki617
    Thanks for your response! This week was my first week of clinicals for surgical tech program. I won't be in the OR until the next rotation or so. Everyone I've met has been really nice. I used to work at MGH and its tot different. There people pretty much ignore you and here everyone says hi... Pretty awesome. I will be on rotations here until December and then I'm starting simmons dix scholars second bachelor BSN program in spring 2014. It would be awesome to be hired there after to work PT while at simmons... Fingers crossed.
    What dept/ what do you do there?