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MGH Accelerated BSN - Spring 2013 - page 9

Hi all, There were one or two comments at the end of the 2012 thread that went unanswered, so I figured I would start a thread for those applying to the MGH ASBN beginning January 2013. I... Read More

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    I can't find the fb page either... what am i doing wrong... looking forward to meeting everyone! Lisa
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    I just approved everyone who joined the group. If you're still stuck send me a facebook message!
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    Hi Aimy, I sent you a request on fb. Lisa
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    Hi Lisa, I didn't see any friend requests. Can you please re-send?
    I don't know why the group isn't showing up in the search bar. Can anyone help? It is a public group that anyone can join. I'll just admin everyone who is already in it...
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    Hi Aimy, I'll resend my friend request. My sister had the same problem when she was setting up a group a while ago. I can't remember how she fixed it but I'll see her later today and ask. Lisa
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    Hi Aimy, I sent you a fb message and a request. I'm going to be in your Spring 2013 class. Couldn't find the group. Thank you. Olena
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    Congrats on getting accepted Olena!
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    Thank you Lisa, you too! Have you find FB page?
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    My reply won't post if I send you the entire link. So go to the facebook page and the paste this: groups/527385080611382

    Does that make sense? I hope so :-)
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    Thank you!
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    Anybody on the waiting list hear anything?
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    No, not yet. They said we wouldn't hear more until mid-October to late October once all the deposits from the accepted students are in. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us :/ Good luck!
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    I hope everyone who's wait listed gets in!!