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Hi all, There were one or two comments at the end of the 2012 thread that went unanswered, so I figured I would start a thread for those applying to the MGH ASBN beginning January 2013. I... Read More

  1. by   demeanor89
    Who here got into the Manchester program? Or am I the only one. I got accepted in August, BUT I don't know anyone else who got in or applying to the Manchester one. Also, since Manchester does not have any dorms, I need an apartment :/. Anyone know any ideas for living there, or is there anyone who are just as stuck as I am in finding accomodations and such? I'm happy I got in, but totally lost lol.
  2. by   ng8399
    Hi St3veC,
    My name is Nina. I got accepted into the Spring 2012 ABSN program and just wondering what the class schedule is like. I can't seem to find anything...anywhere. I know its full time but is it like an 8-430 day Mon-Fri, or are they regular college courses spread out at different times of the day (like day and night). I know the summer might be set up differently but any input you have would be great.

    Thank you
  3. by   kbellrn
    It's mid October...hopefully we'll hear back soon!!
  4. by   JillGreenberg
    So I came home after work and a girl from admissions had left me a message saying that she was calling regarding my application.. Obviously she had left her office by the time I called back so now I have to wait until Monday :/ I hope she has good news for me!!
  5. by   lisaemt
    Hope you get accepted!
  6. by   PennyS

    I have to believe that it is good news!! Good luck! Hope the weekend passes quickly!
  7. by   kbellrn
    Let us know, Jill!! I hope it's good news!
  8. by   JillGreenberg
    So apparently the transcript from UMass they had on file did not say that my degree was completed. So the woman from admissions asked me to fax my unofficial transcript now and mail them my official one when I have the opportunity. I asked about being admitted and she said that she can't accept me officially over the phone without this degree info so I'm just waiting. They said by mid-week the admissions dept should have final decisions about the wait list. So let's all keep our fingers crossed!
  9. by   JillGreenberg
    I'm in! They e-mailed me earlier today
  10. by   lisaemt
    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
  11. by   PennyS
    Wonderful news!
  12. by   kbellrn
    Great news!! Congrats Jill!
  13. by   kbellrn
    Did anyone else on the waitlist hear anything??