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MCPHS Manchester Fall 2011

  1. 0 Hi! Just thought i would start a new thread for those who are interested in the MCPHS Fall 2011 Manchester Nursing program. I sent in my application- just waiting to hear back! Has anyone else heard yet? Do you know if the decision is emailed or regular mail?

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    Just got in! Hope to hear from anyone that's going to be in the class : )
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    Hi! Applying there as well. How long after you sent your application in were you notified?
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    It was about two weeks after I had everything in that I got a letter in the mail- good luck!
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    Good to know it's a quick turn around. I feel like I have been waiting on other schools forever.
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    Same here! MCPHS is pretty quick. I'm thinking about going up next Wednesday- on the website it says they offer tours of the facility on Wednesdays, it'll be fun to check it out. I haven't even seen the campus yet!
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    Got my acceptance letter yesterday! Probably will be going there in the fall. Do you know what the schedule will look like??
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    Hi! I went up to visit last Wednesday. Even though it was a rainy day the campus was great The girl who showed me around said that for the first semester it was generally 8-4, but some days may be done earlier because we are seperated into smaller lab groups (around 10-15 people) so on days we don't have lab the day may be shorter.
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    HI Everyone!!!

    I am new to the allnurses site, but I am attending the accelerated BSN at MCPHS in Manchester this fall 2011 as well!!!! I'm super excited but a little nervous as well!!!

    msusan, I looked up the class schedule on their website if that helps you at all, it doesn't give you times or anything, just the names of the class and what semester your taking it! least we know what classes we'll be taking each semester.....

    I would love to hear anything from anyone definitely attending this fall!

    Talk to you all soon !
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    Hi Shelleys55! I'm definitely attending too- I'm going up on Thursday to look at an apartment for this fall. I'm super excited. Congrats! And I'll see you in the Fall : )
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    Moved to MA Nursing Programs Discussion forum.
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    Hi jessleigh!

    That is great! I can't wait to start the program!!! See you soon and enjoy the summer!
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    I got into the program as well, and am looking for a roommate and apartment. I am not familiar with the area and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions.