MCPHS Accelerated BSN-Spring 2013

  1. 0 I got a letter saying I got an interview invite..not too much time after applying. Just would like some feedback for those who went through the interview process..what is it like? What kind of questions do they ask it conversational kind of? Feel happy, but do not want to blow it!!
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    I was accepted but never had to do an interview... sorry wish i could help.
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    I just received a letter last week of my acceptance as well... and also did not have to do an interview.

    Look forward to meeting you all in the spring!
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    Well I did my interview..went pretty well and better than I thought. Just a writing sample and then the interview itself is very relaxed. After the interview, I got a recommendation from them and for some reason, I felt that meant I was in, and behold, 3 days after the interview, I got my acceptance package.

    Don't know if I'm going here for sure as I am still waiting on other schools, but am sending in my deposit. Only thing I have to worry now is housing since Manchester doesn't have any.
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    Hello! Have you decided if you will be attending MCPHS? I got my acceptance letter, and since this is my first choice, I am sending my deposit in. I can't wait to start!
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    Hi Demeanor 89, I was able to read your message but not reply because I haven't posted enough (need a minimum if 15 posts)! If you want, message me your email address and ill tell you all about the program! I was in the first cohort to graduate. Thanks!!
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    Looking for more information about your interview! I got mine today and I'm freaking out lol. I applied for spring 2015.

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