1. Hello-

    I wanted to start a thread for applicants applying for 2018. I recently applied and I am anxiously waiting for a decision!
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  3. by   rh1234
    When did you get your application in?
  4. by   Dedancer454
    The last week of September
  5. by   rh1234
    Did you apply for Worcester or Manchester? I applied for Worcester! Good luck to everyone out there who applied
  6. by   Dedancer454
  7. by   Jenel12006
    Hey guys!

    I recently applied for the fall 2018 Worcester ABSN program as well. From previous threads, it seems like everyone heard back within 2-3 weeks! I'm so anxious 😩.
  8. by   ramshaaak
    Hey everyone!

    I just submit my application at the beginning of November and just checked my application couple days ago that they received all my documents! Does anyone know what accepted students gpa looked like. I am applying to Worcester as well! Good luck to all!