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i have officially come to terms that i am a may 2009 old grad i have applied to over 100 jobs since march of 2009. i have been a licensed rn for 6 months. i have been a cna for 1.5 yrs at a... Read More

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    Community hospitals are not hiring either, at least not from outside. I've looked at every little hospital in every little podunk town in this state. They're not hiring either.

    According to the Mass. BoRN website, for 2009 there were 2925 new RNs, breaking down like so:

    MSN 215
    BSN 1730 The breakdown between BSN and ASN is approximate.
    ASN 980

    Excepting the MSNs who are probably looking for advanced practice positions, that leaves 2710 new RNs looking for work in 2009.

    I wonder where they all went?
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    I graduated in May 2008, and it took me 10 months to find my first nursing job. A nursing home in Newton hired me 8 months after graduation, but the job was canceled 45 minutes into my first shift.

    Anyway, I applied all over Massachusetts. The only Massachusetts hospital that interviewed me was Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield. Unfortunately, they didn't hire me.
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    I'm keeping my fingers crossed at the moment -- a hospital within bicycling distance (!) has restarted their new grad program. I fear that they will see my May 2009 grad date and pass me over because of it.

    I just want to work.
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    Have you found a job yet....did the new grad prog work out?
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    Thanks for asking. As it turned out, the hospital laid nurses off and didn't restart their new grad program. I was employed briefly, in a place that I found unsafe. I just started volunteering at a free medical clinic and this gives me reason to hope. Thank dog I have a well-employed spouse: I'm discouraged but not homeless.
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    Why not try applying for a job doing something in a hospital I have heard its easier to move internally from one position to another with in a hospital system then trying to get hired as an external applicant. Also work in general will help make it look like you are trying to do something while you look for a nursing job. What about advanced certifications, seminars, or classes to keep up your nursing knowledge. Try looking for job fairs, networking opportunities, using college career center for help with resume/cover letter if needed. I know its tough I graduated May 2010 and only have a very per diem job in assisted living and work another non nursing job part time but I am hopeful something will come my way soon
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    Thanks, FairyPrincess06, I do do all those things. I took an RN Refresher this past January. I am currently taking Spanish for Medical Personnel at the local CC and intend to actually learn and use it. I go to all sorts of seminars, also to Grand Rounds at 2 of the nearby teaching hospitals in topics of interest. I've stopped going to job fairs, they have been a lot of trouble for nothing. I've applied to other positions in healthcare, and the one time I was able to talk to a hiring manager she said they wouldn't hire me because of the RN, she said she was sure I would leave as soon as I found an RN job. Ha! That was a year ago, and I think I would have enjoyed working as a clinical research coordinator. So, I am volunteering for now, and waiting to hear about another volunteer position. I'm hoping to make contacts through this volunteer work. I'm considering private duty but don't have a lot of confidence in my ability to be self-employed; it's something to think about anyway!

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