Massasoit community college adn fall 2012

  1. Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.
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  3. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    Does anyone know when they start sending letters out?
  4. by   tapeitup
    End of April - beginning of May. Good luck!
  5. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    Thank you-looks like more waiting!
  6. by   phina70
    MCC really is my dream choice. I hope and pray I get in. However, I did hear it is a really tough program. One of the students that was with me in A&P 1 and 2, an A student got into it last fall, and just emailed me he did not pass med/surg clinical and will repeat it. I was shocked. He told me to be very prepared if I get accepted. scored 84% on teas-reading and high pre req GPA over 21 credits, with lower GPA from 20 years ago. and nice reference letter. crossing my fingers. Can't help wondering what the program is like? schedule? clinicals? I did get into Quincy College though, wonder how it compares to QC.
  7. by   tapeitup
    phina70 you are so lucky you already got accepted to quincy. that's great. at least you have a definite place to go.

    i wonder what happens when you fail a clinical? i wonder how you repeat it along with the next progression of clinicals?
  8. by   phina70
    Quote from cma_to_lpn
    applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from mcc in april.
    tapeitup- thanks for the comment. yes i am lucky. i had less done last year and didnt get into massasoit or umass. now this time i have all the prereqs done and feel better about it. i applied to brockton hosp school of nsg and quincy college as well this time, and actually got into both. between the 2, qc is what i'll go with, cause it offers an assoc's and is less than half price of bhson. i wish i knew more about qc's program though. seems the rn program is tough everywhere, hard to get into and difficult once you are in as well. i was told if you fail out of a clinical there isn;t a chance to repeat it, you would have to reapply. i do not know how my friend is able to repeat it. if i get into massasoit-i'll be super lucky, thats where i am attending school now and i like it. i did look it up passing at qc is a 73, and at massasoit passing is a 78. i never thought it would come down to looking at passing req's in the 70s, because i work so hard and do well in school, but it seems we are all in the same boat-"all at risk" (good grades don't guarantee anything). nothings come easy for me, i've kept my head in my books for almost 2 years now, holding a 3.84-4 gpa, all while taking care of my active twin toddler boys. if i get into massasoit, their children center would be perfect for the boys. crossing my fingers
    i wish everyone luck getting in to nsg school. anyone knows how qc or massasoit compare to each other? which is a better program? just my own opinion- nursing students supporting each other and cohorting (grouping) together puts us at a great advantage and could help prevent us from failing. no one knows more what we will be going through than our fellow nursing students, so that should be encouraged and utilized. we are oing to need each other.:kiss
  9. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    I know grads from both Quincy and Massasoit and have heard great things from both groups. I don't know much about Quincy's program or schedule... but for Massasoit, the schedule has looked like this in the past: two mornings of class (8am-12 pm), two days of clinical (8-3pm) and one lab on Fridays from 8-3pm. Oh, and some homework;-) Also, because of hospital schedules, some clinicals may be held in the evenings if necessary. They typically have 400 applicants to fill the 56 spots, so I wish everyone the best of luck in getting into your program of choice. I only applied to one program, which isn't the best way to go, but I really want to go to Massasoit! If I don't get in, I'll apply to both next year...
  10. by   phina70
    So between 2 days of classes, 2 days of clinical and Friday's Lab, thats 5 days a week! I'll need childcare 5 days a week I guess. I heard so many nice things about the "children's center" there. would love the boys to go there 3 days a week and one day with my mom. Twins for Mom for more than a couple of days a week is alot . They have been on this long road with me, and they are actually looking forward to going... I did hear (read on QC board) that Quincy College has no homework, but has plenty of reading, whatever that means. Oh I am happy I got accepted somewhere thats a feasible option for me, but terrified at the same time. How hard will it be? is it doable? I am one of these people that HAS to study for good grades, its not automatic and easy. We must adjust to a whole new way of learning, it's not "textbook", hope they are patient with us, new nursing students. No matter where we go, we have to support each other. I have alot to learn and alot to give. I hope Massasoit takes me and the boys . cma-to lpn, I hope you do get in, if you don't just keep on wit hthe pre reqs like I did, and reapply.
  11. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    Thanks- I have a feeling from your posts you'll be going places-good luck!!
  12. by   Melissa854
    I called Massasoit today, they dont think they will be sending out letters until May
  13. by   CMA_TO_LPN
    Quote from Melissa854
    I called Massasoit today, they dont think they will be sending out letters until May
    I wonder why the process takes so long...
  14. by   phina70
    Wow. May! I paid my deposit to hold my seat at Quincy College yesterday . And but I'm not "betting the farm Ill be accepted into Massasoit" its very competative. Thanks for the comment CMA , seems you have a good plan yourself. I don't know what happens when they recieve an application from a student they turned down the year before. I hope and pray I make it through a Nursing program and become a nurse. I'm crossing my fingers for all of us here. Right now it's Quincy College for me, but I can always dream about massasoit can't I?