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Applied for the full time program and looking forward to hearing from MCC in April.... Read More

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    Scary and exciting is so true! Lots of planning to do!

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    CMA it is scary and exciting at the same time. Got my fingers crossed for everyone here. I have a classmate I am "pulling" for, hope she made it in as well. I was checking programs cost. If I am not mistaken for only the nurisng core courses it comes to around 7k-8k for both years? really? Massasoit's must be the least expensive RN program in the area! I hear it's a good program too. The letter is very generic, and doesn't ask for a deposit either. Not sure if this letter I recieved is for current students attending Massasoit. The dates are wrong on letter too. Does anyone know if there's an orientation before September? Any more hopefulls with news?
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    I just met with advisement and registered for Nursing I. I spoke with the allied health secretary and the info packets will be going out very soon- hopefully the next day or two-watch your mail!
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    Conratulations to all who got in ... very happy for you!

    Nurs2014 ... I'm on the wait list!! I need to find out how that works ... I was also told that some people don't tell them they are not going and they only find out at the beginning of September ... I need to know way sooner than that so I can plan. Can anyone who recieved a letter of acceptance share with me what it says? Do you have to let them know if you accept? Please either reply here or send me a message to my email Thanks!!
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    Yes, Congrats to all of you that were accepted! I also got my letter today stating I am on the wait list. So I am happy to not have been rejected right away, but dissappointed too. I can't believe I have to keep on waiting.... I also want to know more about how I can prepare in case I get called in. I have young children, and need to plan my life accordingly. Also I would want to participate in any helpful orientation sessions, to be better prepared for the program over all.
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    Just curious if any of you were in Human Growth and Development this semester with Anne?
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    I was excited to get into the program as well, however, I was also accepted into the CCCC program (nights) which is my top choice. I work at a hospital now that is having massive layoffs in July. If my job is eliminated, then I am going to go to Massasoit days. If not, I am going to go to the CCCC program (because I work the day shift) so there is a good chance I will be giving up my Massasoit slot. (God willing if I don't lose my job!)

    Congrats to all who got in! Keep the faith for those on wait list. People apply to multi programs so there are bound to be many slots opening up!
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    My hope is everyone who got accepted lets Massasoit know if they are not going sooner than later. I was accepted to Brockton Hospital School of Nursing in November for 2012 but even though I like their program it is so expensive and I just can't afford it. Massasoit has a great program ... I am really hoping I get one of the slots that opens! I'm keeping the faith
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    ivegotmusicheart, I fully understand. One of my good friends is on a waiting list, she's also accepted into bhson, I'm crossing my fingers she will be at Massasoit with me, it will be so last minute if she's called. I hope those who are not going to attend Massasoit let them know, as soon as they know.
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    I received Massasoit's packet but there wasn't an official orientation date listed for the nursing program. Did anyone get one? Also, no official letter to send back re: if you are planning on attending. Many other schools you have to send a letter back with a deposit.

    I did get the info re: the CORI, CPR, Scrubs and vaccines but nothing re: deposit or orientation. Anyone else?

    Thank you, everyone! I look forward to meeting many of you. It is looking more and more like I will be choosing this program over the other I was accepted too.

    Will anyone else be commuting from South or Plymouth area? Would love to possibly car pool! : )

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