Malpractice Insurance?

  1. Hi MA nurses.

    I am currently in-between jobs. At my previous job, I didn't need to have my own malpractice insurance policy; I was automatically covered by the hospital. I just got a paper in the mail from NSO--the organization through which I had my malpractice insurance when I was a student. They are offering a malpractice insurance policy for $107/year. Should I go ahead and pay for my own policy, or wait until I find a new position? Is it problematic to be uncovered while I am applying to jobs, but not working?


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  3. by   NeoPediRN
    I have never purchased my own malpractice long as I follow hospital policies, I am covered. I know nurses who have been in the field for 40+ years and have never carried their own...some have been involved in depositions, but 100% of the time they had followed hospital policies and protocols and were covered and backed by their hospital. It really depends on the situation, however.
  4. by   sMoLsNurse
    I have my own just in case. The problem with the hospitals insurance is they will almost always recover their losses. Meaning they will try to get the money back from you, by garnishing wages and whatever else. Years of service doesn't mean anything, they will throw you to the wolves if something happens.
  5. by   jahra
    Yes, get the malpractice insurance. And more importantly, renew it
    every year. Your employers insurance may cover you, but having
    your own insurance insures that you have someone to consult
    with and more importantly will advocate for you.
    For the small amount it costs, it is worth getting for your own protection.

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