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I'm moving to Boston and I will work ANYWHERE, literally. I live many many states away and am planning on moving in May when I graduate...I'm assuming I'll be taking the nclex sometime in May or ASAP if not. -Can I work as a... Read More

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    Quote from Scooter321
    Thanks, April. Are you saying that they would call you for an interview now (if they liked your resume) for a job advertised now, knowing that you (I) would not be a nurse or even a graduate for several more months? That's what is confusing me--the logistics of the timeline if we apply for posted positions months before we could actually take the position. Sorry if I'm being dim about this.
    You are not being dim! This stuff is confusing and overwhelming. It says on your resume that your graduation date is coming up in May so they will know you are a new grad when they look at it. You also state in your cover letter that you will be a new grad in May, although now it seems like many online application systems have no way to upload a cover letter. Up until recently, a new grad would apply for jobs months before graduation and would get offered jobs months before graduation. When I was a new grad, I (and many others) started applying in January and had my first interview later that month. I accepted a job offer in March. Most other new grads had secured jobs before graduation as well. Once we passed the boards, we contacted HR and set up a start date. Some managers would rescind the offer if you failed the first time. Other managers gave you another chance. A few of the PCAs at my hospital were lucky enough to be offered RN jobs on their units by their managers this year.

    As you know, things are different now because there are little to no postings that are open to new grads. I do know that some new grads have gotten positions though, despite hospitals saying there are no openings. That's why I'm recommending starting to apply now, and to every posting you find that doesn't specify that experience is needed. You can also call HR once every 2 weeks or so to inquire about any open positions you can apply to. That can also get them to remember your name. In my experience though, HR departments are less than helpful.
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    Thanks again, April. Very helpful. Wish us luck!
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    yes thank you so much april and everyone else who is helping us I appreciate it so much. I have now applied to 107 jobs, go meeeee! haha
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    Try Rhode Island Hospital. I am an experienced but a semi retired RN. A few weeks ago
    I received a call that they needed nurses in a number of specialties. There was no
    mention that it was for experience nurses only. I assume they got my name/number from
    the RI BON as I am registered in RI and live in Ma.

    Also they may have some non nursing jobs, you could apply for and then transition into
    a nursing position at a later time.

    Good luck to everyone who is currently applying.

    Sorry the economy is so difficult right now, I fear nursing will lose some good people if
    things don't improve soon.
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    The VA in Brockton has a few job openings right now for rn/lpn ...check out indeed.com!

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