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I have worked in Hospice for 29 years. It has changed over time, some for the better, some no so much. Mostly I worked in small community based organizations, but recently moved and was offered a position with a corporate owned... Read More

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    I know big brother is watching this site. The Hospice that I have a lawsuit against after they fired me for being a whistleblower, has sent me threatening letters that they will sue me for slander if I mention their name. Wonder how they know it's me...........
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    Big Brother has Big Money and knows it all if it wants to. Get your ducks in order before taking on a high-profile organization, or rather a corporation that gives the impression that they are all about the person. Most people will look to them as the good guys.
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    My ducks are armed and ready. I have charts for months documenting patient abuse before I even started working there, I have charts documenting a patient crying in pain, nursing home staff documenting patient in pain over a 3 month period and calling the Hospice with replies from the DON & Clinical director. "Patient not in pain, it's a behavioral issue" followed by a dx of fractured bones from falling out of bed. I have documentaion of wrong medications given, patients being admitted after MD's note in chart "let's try to find a way to get this patient on Hospice to help facility" and on and on. The nursing home was pretty bad, but it was the administration to blame there as well. The staff was just totally unqualified. The nurses hadn't had training in many many years. They didn't even know basic first aide in some cases. The 11-7 nurse was a young kid who brought her 7 year old son to work at night and he slept on the floor at the nurses station. Very sad all around.
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    you NEED the best lawyer. I have been on a medical trial where I believed the patient. She was suing a nurse who was represented by the hospital. The patient lost. Most people do not want to believe such poor care exists as then they have to think about their loved ones or themselves and no one wants to. Was this place accredited? That is another issue. If so, it "passed" for medi-care, medi-cal, etc. I wish you luck. And even if you do not win, you win by letting others know that things do not work in healthcare as they may believe. My dad was at a supposedly "top skilled nursing" for three weeks before I yanked him out. In three weeks he was filthy, feces in his nails, dirty clothes, infection in his mouth because they did not take out his partial at night, and was put in bed medicated with his heavy shoes on. I was disgusted and his doc said "that is a great place". So, the doc was clueless. I hope to see you win and see this in the papers. I wish I had gone to the papers regarding how my mom was almost killed on hospice. They saw an old woman in pain (no illness) and sedated her where they told me she had a stroke and "was gone". That was 18 mo ago and she is right now sitting in my rocking chair reading and comprehending a book!

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