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    Am I missing something or do they not require recommendations?

    Also, if this is true, would it be frowned upon to submit one anyway?

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    That is correct. No recommendations are required. They said that they don't find them helpful.

    They were pretty adamant about keeping the essay down to one page, so use your own judgment about including additional recommendations. I get the distinct impression that they favor quality over quantity. Good luck.
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    Thanks! I am all about following directions so if they don't want them, then I won't include any.
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    Yes, I went to the info session and they don't want recommendations. Although then the speaker said something like, unless they really make an impression or come from a certain person. Someone on this site had posted that they included a recommendation and got accepted. I'd say only include one if it shows another side of you that isn't represented in the rest of the application.
    I did my application before going to the info session and regret including a recommendation. I'll find out in May if it actually made a difference.

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