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just got into bhsn! so i am starting in august in the full day time program. i am very excited but also a little bit turned off by the fact that i'll have to go back to UMD to get my bachelors in nursing, since bshn is a... Read More

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    You can find that information on their new website. It's Hope that helps !
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    I just applied i was wondering if the program is worth the while Or Whats the deal i have alot in line for this not to Work thanks any información helps
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    yeah i don't know what their motive is but I'm taking some pre reqs at umass dartmouth now then going back there for their RN to BSN online program after i graduate from BHSON! i will email you now!
    Hi sleepsound89! How do you like BHSON program? I was just accepted this year and would love to hear your opinion on the program! I have the same concerns that you have about the diploma program and also want to get my BSN. Thank you