BHCC students and TEAS V Scores & discussion

  1. I am applying to BHCC and I just took the TEAS V, it was so much harder than I could have imagined! None of the science questions that were in the practice tests were on it and I can't believe they were asking questions about things that have nothing to do with nursing or healthcare what so ever...

    My adjusted individual total score was 72% and I don't think it will be enough. I have a GPA of 3.85, the only thing I got B from was English writing I, and I got A- from my first biology class. Everything else are A's. I am so nervous and don't know how I will be able to wait another month to find out if I am in or not.

    How did you guys do? Anyone who took TEAS previously please post results and if you got accepted or not.

    I read few articles and some people say this version of TEAS is much harder than the previous ones, so even lower scores should be able to get in. I am not even sure how many people are applying to BHCC for Spring 2013, but apparently it is less for the Spring than the Fall.

    Thank you for any feedback!
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  3. by   nikolk
    No one seems to be responding...just to be clear, this is not just for BHCC applicants. Any feedback is great even out of you think 72% and 3.85 GPA is gonna be enough?
  4. by   MRH23
    Im sorry to hear that. VDid you do the McGraw hill practice exams or ATI online tests? I've heard those were helpful. I'm taking my exam Saturday. If you can offer any suggestions I'd appreciate it!!
  5. by   rain6355

    I was surprised to see that only one person responded to your thread so far. Does this mean it's going to be less competitive this year than the previous ones?

    I took TEAS on the 11/5th- last TEAS date was supposed to be 10/29, but it got postponed due to the hurricane Sandy. My adjusted individual total score was 82% and that interpretates to 92 percentile for the program. My biggest problem with TEAS was the English/Grammer part, because I am not a native English speaker.. I have A from Chemistry, A- from Biology, A from A&P, A- from College English and A for Drug Calculation and A for Human Growth. My preq grades aren't bad, but my cumulative GPA is much lower than yours. I have one "F" in the transcript and that totally ruined my cumulative GPA (F is from the summer course, which I thought I dropped it but it didn't get dropped.. so I automatically rcvd F...)

    Which program did you guys apply? My first choice is the Hybrid Program. Since I have to work 40+ hr/week, I don't think I could handle going to school 3 or 4 nights a week. When I read the threads from the last year, it looks like people received their acceptance/denial letters right after the Thanksgiving. Now we are in the waiting game... let the fun begin!!

    Good luck everyone
  6. by   crw-
    Hello all:

    I also have applied to BHCC nursing program for Spring 2013.

    I had a lot of credits transferred in, but I took A+P 1, Human Growth, Micro, and Drug Calc at BHCC this year and got all A's . I am currently taking my last co-req (A+P 2). I did okay on the teas (but my lowest was on the science part, at 85%, and I am not sure if they place more importance on that category)--- but overall I got a 93% adjusted score.

    nikolk: a 3.85 GPA seems good to me. You should be proud of that! From speaking with other students that have applied for Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 your GPA seems higher than many other applicants. Good Luck!

    rain6355: I have heard rumors from 3 students and 1 professor that they may not have the hybrid program this Spring. I am wondering if these rumors are accurate since the only classes I see in the Spring 2013 Course Catalog for 1st year nursing students are for the day and evening programs. Have you heard anything about this? I only applied to the day program because, like you, I would have to work while in school if I get accepted. I, however, would be working nights/weekends. Have you spoken with anyone in the program about class/workload? I am wondering how many hours I would realistically be able to work.

    The BHCC site says they will send out notifications in Nov/Dec...I am just hoping that choose the earlier side of that time frame. Hopefully they follow last years trends and we get our letters right after Thanksgiving so that we can know!

    Good luck to you all.
  7. by   rain6355

    Make sure you log into my BHCC today and go to "my profile".
    This morning my "Academic Program" (not the educational plan) was showing as General Concentration, and now it's "NURSING PROGRAM, HYBRID OPTION"!!!! They just made the change this afternoon I guess we will be getting a letter within few days
  8. by   crw-
    Rain6355--- Thanks for the update. That's exciting! I am so hopeful for you. I just logged into my account. It looks like parts of my account have been updated recently also...but my 'profile' still shows general concentration. I hope the letters go out soon!
  9. by   rain6355
    crw- Thank you! I logged in again to see if I could register, and I was able to register for the nursing I. Since your grades and TEAS scores are higher than mine, I am sure you will get a good news
  10. by   crw-

    I tried to register for classes today...but was unable to. The site said that I am not in the nursing program. I did see that several people have registered for the night program already. I called admissions yesterday and was told that they are still waiting to hear from the nursing department.

    I was feeling hopeful when I applied...but I am not as confident now since I know that others are registering and I can't.

    Have you received your letter yet?
  11. by   rain6355
    Hi CRW- Sorry for the late reply. I havent received the letter yet. So dont lose your hope!! I will post when I get the letter.
  12. by   nikolk
    Oh YEY, my profile is also changed to Nursing Program, Evening Option and anticipated completion date is 01/2015 And I was able to register for classes. I REALLY, really, really hope that means I am in. No letter yet, but doesn't this pretty much say it? Anyone still can't register?
  13. by   crw-
    My profile has also been updated and I was able to register. No letter yet tho. I spoke with a woman in the nursing department and she told me that the orientation is scheduled for Dec 20th. If that is accurate then we should get the letters very soon. Hopefully we have all been accepted and I will see you at orientation. I will let ya know if I get a letter either way.
  14. by   paratroopa
    Hi everyone... I am finishing my 2nd semester at bhcc rn program...i got a 95 in math, 96 in english and 99 in science on the teas and currently have a 84 avg...i had a 4.0 when i applied...the program is highly disorganized and aggravating...good luck all