Anyone apply to UMASS Boston Undergraduate nursing program?? - page 2

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Hi, just wondering if there is anyone else like myself that has applied to the undergraduate BS program for nursing at Umass Boston, and is awaiting their news?? I have seen a few threads for the accelerated program, but not for... Read More

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    Sorry I didn't mentioned whether I got accepted or not, but yeah I did get accepted into the program. Hope you get in also.
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    Congratulations on getting accepted! If I were you I would not wait on sending in that enrollment fee! I was not accepted, I found out as soon as I checked on line way before I got my letter, when I noticed they had changed my major from "BSN Nursing" to "Exercise and Health Science". Then the letter came a few days after that. I was a little surprised, thought I had a good chance...Oh well. The person that has not heard yet is BostonGrad. It is so competitive to get into a program, I would definately make sure you secure your seat!!
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    hey jen so im in same place you were in 2 year ago.... so i wanted to know that so when you didnt get into the nursing program did they ask for the second choice or did you already had a major down for second major and that what you got into?