Anyone apply to UMASS Boston Undergraduate nursing program??

  1. Hi, just wondering if there is anyone else like myself that has applied to the undergraduate BS program for nursing at Umass Boston, and is awaiting their news?? I have seen a few threads for the accelerated program, but not for the undergrad program. My letter says decision will be mailed on or around March 15th and these last days are getting longer and longer...just looking for a few people to go through the same wait with and share the good or bad news together...
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  3. by   BostonGrad
    I applied - still waiting to hear back... I had thought we were supposed to hear by 3/15?
  4. by   jreneex2
    Did you get an online username and password?? You might want to check that. I found out on March 9th I believe. I just happened to check. Then I got my letter a couple of days later. I did not get into the program though. I was not happy. They give you the option of another major. I talked to the school and they told me it was more difficult to get into their nursing program if you apply after you are already a student there because they reserve less seats for "inter transfer" students. Not much incentive to go there!! Good luck, hope you hear soon!
  5. by   BostonGrad
    Were you applying as a first time freshman or a transfer?

    Mine still says I'm in the "pool of qualified applicants" but I haven't gotten a letter...
  6. by   jreneex2
    I applied with transfer credit from another school, not from UMASS though. When I logged on my message had changed from that message to, "a decision has been made and I will receive a letter within two weeks" I noticed though, that my major had changed from Nursing BS to Exercise and Health Science BS, so I pretty much knew what the decision was! =( I would call the school if I were you to ask, since it is past the date, and I know a few people who got their acceptance letters the same time I got my letter. Were you applying as a transfer??
  7. by   BostonGrad
    I did call, they basically said letters were mailed last week so I should just wait...I technically applied as a "transfer" but its really second degree. Would have done accelerated but I don't think I can just not work for a year...
  8. by   jreneex2
    I hope you get in...I am surprised you haven't heard yet. Maybe that is a good thing! Are you applying as a transfer from Umass? Just curious if what they say is true about having less chance of getting into the program if you actually apply as an "inter-school-transfer", or if I just talked to the wrong person. I am certainly not going to go there for "any" degree if It is going to lessen my chances to get into the nursing program, which is what I really want to be doing. I don't see how that does any good. Unless you still have a lot of electives to complete, maybe? I don't know, I am just so at a loss now, that I have only one school I am depending on, and I have to wait until the end of April to hear!! Let me know when you find out....
  9. by   BostonGrad
    Will do, still nothing yet. It is really weird that nothing has been updated...getting kinda late I think.

    I am a transfer from another school not UMass, so we will see what they say.
  10. by   dnguyen1
    Hey jreneex2, are you a transfer student or incoming freshman? I got my letter around March 5th, but still haven't sent in my enrollment deposit yet.
  11. by   jreneex2
    Hey, dnguyen1,
    I heard early too. I did apply as a transfer from Massasoit. I also have a prior degree from there ASN Respiratory Care. I repeated all of my sciences(too old-with all A's) and I still did not get in. You did not mention if you were excepted in the nursing program or not?? I didn't send them and enrollment fee for my position in the "exercise and health science" program that I was chosen for as my second choice, only because of what they told me on the phone, that it would lessen my chances of getting into the program as an inter-transfer student once in their school. Plus I would have to take 12 credits with them first. I do not have 12 credits left to take besides nursing, maybe history?? Not sure what to do If I do no get into this ONLY program I am waiting to hear from now. Outlook, not so good. I thought I was a strong candidate. Good luck to all who have not heard yet.
  12. by   dnguyen1
    Sorry I didn't mentioned whether I got accepted or not, but yeah I did get accepted into the program. Hope you get in also.
  13. by   jreneex2
    Congratulations on getting accepted! If I were you I would not wait on sending in that enrollment fee! I was not accepted, I found out as soon as I checked on line way before I got my letter, when I noticed they had changed my major from "BSN Nursing" to "Exercise and Health Science". Then the letter came a few days after that. I was a little surprised, thought I had a good chance...Oh well. The person that has not heard yet is BostonGrad. It is so competitive to get into a program, I would definately make sure you secure your seat!!
  14. by   sonia107
    hey jen so im in same place you were in 2 year ago.... so i wanted to know that so when you didnt get into the nursing program did they ask for the second choice or did you already had a major down for second major and that what you got into?