Any Jobs for new grads/ newly licensed in Boston area? - page 2

Hi everyone, I just passed my NCLEX exam in October and got my RN license. I have since been unable to find a job. I live just outside of boston and have applied for jobs, even hours drive away. But no luck. I have no... Read More

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    Pedilover2147 sounds like you have a great attitude, good for you, any professional nursing experience is valuable.

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    My SIL was a LPN and the facility told her they would happily keep her on once she graduated as an RN. What came to pass was that she got no pay raise and was working as an RN at LPN wages. She was eventually able to find a RN job in another nursing home, most likely based on her several years of LPN experience. MA is tough. Keep your options open and follow every possible lead. Good luck!
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    I just graduated in December just passed my boards and am currently looking for any job right now as an RN. Where is that you work as a private duty nurse?

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