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I sent in all my info and am just waiting to see its been received online. After much soul searching and trying a few options, I know this is the right program. My fingers are crossed. Good luck to... Read More

  1. by   mjo07
    Quote from kiki617

    Hi cjdiaz,
    I didn't interview, but mainly because I really didn't have any questions. I found the info session to be incredible thorough and I had researched the program for a few years.
    I didn't take TEAS, but my gpa for both is around 3.2 ish. I'm hoping my volunteer experience will help since my grades haven't been straight A's. I've been volunteering for a few years at mgh and have been in a critical floor assisting families at bedside under direction of the nurse director. I also sent more recommendations than the required two. They have a tough job choosing people, I think credentials aside there's a bit of luck involved. Ill just keep applying if I'm not in this year
    Wow you have some great volunteer experience, Good Luck!! I agree there is definitely luck involved with all the people applying for minimum spots
  2. by   mjo07
    I took the Teas because my SAT scores were too old, my overall was 86.7%, math 96.7% and science 77.1%, not so good in science... My GPA is 3.61and I also interviewed. The interview was very laid back. Good luck everyone!! These nerves are killing me
  3. by   mjo07
    Hi everyone, decisions will be mailed out starting next week. I spoke to an admissions counselor today and they are finishing up the review of Nursing applications this week. Im soo anxious!! again Good Luck Everyone!
  4. by   adt913
    anyone else hear that we will be receiving phone calls on friday?!
  5. by   kiki617
    I spoke with my admission person today and she said they begin reviews this Friday. They will begin notifying people then... So we will probably know of their decision within the upcoming week! ah!
  6. by   mjo07
    I have never heard of phone calls... anyway, can't wait to hear something whether its a phone call or a letter
  7. by   adt913
    Got a phone call-I'm in!!!
  8. by   mjo07
  9. by   mjo07
    Congratulations!! what did they say?? I've never heard of them calling people how exciting
  10. by   ryanalice
    I got in!!!!
  11. by   mjo07
    congrats! ryanalice did you receive a phone call or letter??
  12. by   PennyS
    Curious if they mentioned anything about Fin. Aid or did they just tell you that you were in.
  13. by   ryanalice
    I got a phone call. It was a voicemail telling me the news! She mentioned that I'd be getting a lot more details in the mail, so I don't have much info yet. Don't know anything yet about $, hopefully soon.