What exactly is a CNL? Comparing the BSN and CNL program

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    I am just starting out taking my pre reqs for nursing school and I am looking at applying to Univeristy of Maryland Baltimore. Originally I was going to apply to the BSN program but I already have a bachelors degree in another major so I figured it would make the most sense to do the CNL program. I am just a little confused about what the differences are between an RN and a CNL.
    Eventually I would like to be a NP so would it definitely make the most sense to try for the CNL program?
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    It's not RN or CNL... The CNL is an RN who provides care at the bedside in addition to addressing and working to optimize issues in the system of providing care.

    Very few hospitals have, as far as I know, implemented the role though some are doing it on an informal basis.

    I'd direct you to the CNL white paper and to the faculty at your program for more information.

    The CNL will not be of particular advantage to getting into an NP program but the education provided is worthwhile for all nurses, IMO.
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    Thank you that helps!
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    I am a current CNL student at UMB. I would direct you to the AACN's website for an in-depth explanation of the CNL role: http://www.aacn.nche.edu/cnl/index.htm

    The CNL program at UMB is unique in that it is an entry level master's program. Most CNL programs require that applicants already hold an RN license before entering the program. However, the CNL program at UMB educates individuals to function as staff nurses with the opportunity for climbing the administrative ladder after gaining some bedside experience.

    As far as gaining an advantage for becoming an NP, the CNL program provides extra emphasis on critical thinking and evidence based practice. CNL students at UMB take all theory courses at the graduate level with other NP and CNS students. So yes, the CNL role is different than the NP role, but the CNL program will provide you with extra training to begin THINKING like a NP.

    Hope this helps!