Towson University Sp 2012 BSN

  1. Hey everyone,

    I have applied to Towson's BSN program for spring 2012...has anyone else applied and or heard anything as far as acceptance yet? I know that they are supposed to send out notifications at the end of October.
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  3. by   Helen123
    Hey I also applies I didn't see a thread up for it so maybe no one else applied lol... Um idk anything yet but good luck hopefully we will find out within the next 2 weeks
  4. by   lag1231
    I also applied. I had to apply to Towson University itself since I don't go there now. Not sure if I'll hear the response from the actual university and the nursing program at the same time? Hopefully it'll be soon though!
  5. by   Helen123
    More than likely program first I think the school is decemeber... But as long as you apply is what's important the school it self isn't hard to get into
  6. by   Born a sooner
    Maybe we will all make it, lol! I'm really hoping an answer will come soon. I've applied to UMB as well. I wonder which one is harder to get into? I know that Towson has a smaller class than UMB though.
  7. by   Helen123
    I think they are both pretty hard to get into... Or in general all nursing programs are... But I would assume UMB just cause alot of people make that thier first choice for some reason.. But where ever I get in to is where I'll go... I doubt I'll get to choose btwn two schools
  8. by   Born a sooner
    UMB is my first choice simply because they have the CRNA program that I want...but Towson is like two blocks from my house and I think it is cheaper (after my first sememster of out of state tuition). But like you said, I will be thrilled with either and highly doubt I will get to choose between the two...I just hope I dont get two rejection letters cause I dont have a back up plan.
  9. by   Helen123
    Yeah all I have is Towson and UMB as well.. Yeah I would like to go to UMB CRNA program.
  10. by   Helen123
    Has anyone talked to admission lately? I'm getting kind of antsy
  11. by   Helen123
    Who got thier letter of acceptance
  12. by   Born a sooner
    I got my letter today...I AM IN!!!!
  13. by   lag1231
    Did you find out about being accepted to the actual university before hearing from the nursing school? Or did you get accepted to both at the same time? I applied to both (the university and the nursing program) and haven't heard from either. Getting kind of nervous...
  14. by   Helen123
    Well I already go to the school but I think the school will take longer... As for the program they mails them out Tuesday so it might take a while but you can always call the nursing department to make sure they reviewed your application