Towson school of nursing fall 2010 applicants

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    i have applied to umb, towson and aacc for fall 2010. i haven't been able to find a thread with towson fall 2010 applicants, so i thought i'd start one. just wondering if anyone has heard anything from towson yet? i called a few weeks ago and they said we should be hearing by first week of april. they don't have an online status we can check, so it is more nerve racking than the umb process in some ways. good luck to everyone, and if anyone has heard anything post it!!! thanks:d

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    yay! fall 2010.. seems like we are the only towson applicant for fall 2010 on this website
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    haha, I know what the heck! If we are the only applicants around then it has to be good news right? lol. I know you said they already accepted you.... I would love to hear from Towson or MD, come on any time now!!!:bowingpur
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    if we are the only ones, then there is really nothing to worry about .. lol just kidding, i'm sure there are a lot of applicants that do not know about this website.. I didn't get accepted into the nursing program, i only got accepted into the school. You applied to the school too right? U have to be accepted into the school itself, if u want to do their nursing program
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    oh yea I know that, I will be a second bachelors degree student so they told me not to apply to the University until I am actually accepted into the nursing program. I should be fine there though, I have my bs from towson already.
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    I got a letter from towson today .. and it says " We anticipate having decisions made in april. Due to privacy laws, information may not be given over phone or email so it is kindly requested to have patience in receiving your letter"
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    Cool, I got the same letter today as well. More waiting! But at least there is no bad news!
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    so, has anyone heard anything more from towson yet? this whole process is so stressful, just anxiety about getting in somewhere. hopefully not much longer
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    I got a letter today, and i'm on the wait list
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    Well you should be happy! They flat out told me they couldn't offer me a spot at this time Ive heard most people waitlisted at Towson end up getting in. Congrats! Now Im waiting to hear from MD and AACC.

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