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hi, i have applied to umb, towson and aacc for fall 2010. i haven't been able to find a thread with towson fall 2010 applicants, so i thought i'd start one. just wondering if anyone has heard anything from towson yet? i... Read More

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    I dnt know if i really should be happy.. I haven't heard anything from UMB, and being on d wait list takes foreva... unlike getting accepted or rejected.. I hope i get in by Gods grace..
    Have u heard from any of the school you applied to?

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    You will be ok! No one has heard from UMB yet, as they keep pushing their decision time out. Now they are saying all final decisions should be out by May 1. So dont sweat that yet. Im hoping I get in there. I also applied to AACC, and wont hear from them until June sometime.
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    Quote from hmbarnes1981
    Well you should be happy! They flat out told me they couldn't offer me a spot at this time Ive heard most people waitlisted at Towson end up getting in. Congrats! Now Im waiting to hear from MD and AACC.
    what was your gpa?
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    I'm looking for any information anyone could give me on how they like the Towson program? I'm thinking about applying for Spring 2012.

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