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Towson Nursing Program

  1. 0 Hey everyone,
    I wanted to start a thread because as I search I couldn't find anything that was really on the route of what I was looking for. Is there anyone that has applied to Towson University School of Nursing, whether it's the 2nd degree BSN, or Accelerated BSN or the Traditional? I applied for the spring 2011. I wanted to see if anyone had hear anything other than nursing decision letters will be send out sometime in October. Plus, anyone that is already a student, recent grad and can offer any advice on the application process, school itself, and the program too, it would be greatly appreciated?

    Impatiently waiting news, *shoulder shrug*
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    I applied for spring 2011 also and I haven't heard anything besides when we get our decision letters
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    All I was told is that they were going send out letters in October sometime. What did they tell you?
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    They told me between last week of october and 1st week of november, what is your gpa if u dont mind me asking
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    Ok that sounds good I guess! I feel like I'm on pins and needles, waiting! Mines is a 3.3. What's yours if u don't mine me asking.?
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    Mine is a 3.2 overall and a 3.5 science gpa, I don't know if thats good or bad,
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    Im growing so impatient waiting to hear something! Have u heard anything yet?
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    Hey guys, I just talked to someone who said everyone should get their letters by this week (1st week of November). I got my letter on Friday and I was accepted and I hope to meet all of you this fall!
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    Wat was your gpa if u don't mine me asking?
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    what size was your acceptance letter?!?! did it come in a big envelope??
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    The letter came in a big envelope
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    Havent gotten it yet? I'm out of state! So hopefully soon!! Does to acceptance letters come in big packets??
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    I got a letter saying I was waitlisted. I applied on a whim, and they didn't accept my math from WVU. Does anyone know of a school in the area that offers College Algebra during the minimester? Does Towson offer it?