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  1. I graduated with my ADN in December and have been unable to get a foot in the door for an RN position. I have been offered an interview for an RN/UAP position at Hopkins. The Nurse Manager said that she may not have an RN position available for 9-12 months. UGH!! I am totally willing to take an RN/UAP position but am worried about the length of time. Going to nursing school put my family in debt as we went from a 2-income to a 1-income family for the last 2 years.

    Does anyone know how much the RN/UAP position pays? Has anyone worked in that capacity and could tell me about the position? Are you learning as an RN while performing work at the tech level or are you strictly a tech?

    I really really need the job so I won't turn it down but I just want an idea of what I'm getting in to. Thanks
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