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Does anyone have any information on Patient First? I know that it is a primary and urgent care center, and I hear that it is a nice place to work. Can anyone tell me about the acuity, the staffing that is typically there, the... Read More

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    Hi Cristinacub,
    I have a phone interview set up with patient first in Maryland today and an in person interview with them on Wednesday. Any advice on the types of questions they ask and what might be on the med test? I'm currently a peds rn. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi Cristinacub,

    I'm doing a phone interview with patient first today and then an inperson one on wednesday. Any advice on questions they might ask? Also what should I concentrate on for the med test? I'm currently a peds rn. Thanks in advance!
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    Okay I wrote a bunch of stuff then lost it...errrr

    Questions: Your nursing philosophy, what is your strengths, weaknesses? Did you have a conflict with another employee and how did you resolve it?" What would fellow employees say about you/your work. If you are under stress and working alone sum up your thoughts into one word. What makes a good supervisor? What did or didnt you like about your old job. What makes you a good fit for PF?

    Test questions...allll about pharmacology and needle length and gages. Know your PCNs, Demerol/what can be paired with Demerol, Toradol, Lidocaine, Valium, Epinephrine, Lomotil, Meklazine ,Bactrim opthalmic gtts(allergic question)Vistaril, Vancomysin. Basic antipsychotics
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    Hi there. I just had my phone interview today and have my in person interview tomorrow. I am really nervous about the "test." Could you explain what you mean by pairing with the meds? And for dosing does it go into a lot of detail or just simple med math? Anything would help!!!

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