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Paramedic to RN in Maryland

  1. 0 Any one know any paramedic to RN bridge classes in Maryland?
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    Hi there! I have been told that Baltimore County Community College - Essex will be offering the bridge program this Fall.

    I'm also a paramedic & will graduate in a few weeks from the RN program from this college. They were supposed to start the bridge program when I started my actual "nursing" classes back in Fall of '04, but it didn't get off the ground, so I just went into the regular nursing program.

    One of my RN instructors told me the bridge program WILL start Fall of '06. You are required to have all the pre-req's before starting the bridge program though.

    Let me know if you need any further info. & good luck!

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    Yes, CCBC has started the bridge program. It will complete the first "trial" round in June and we can see what happens. It is actually held on the Catonsville Campus.