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new grad relocating

  1. 0 I am thinking of relocating to Maryland. I am a fairly new grad with 6 months of homecare experience..pediatrics..I would love to work in a hospital or nursing home. Any thoughts or advice?
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    Its a tough market here, not sure how it compares to others. I am a new grad and have sent out approximately 50 applications, and have had only one interview, in which I didnt get the job. If at all possible, I would suggest holding off until you have that "golden" one year experience. With six months in home care, you would likely still be concidered new and need a whole fellowship.
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    Let me clarify that I will only relocate if I am offered a job. As for homecare I hear not everyone considers this experience. I'm just trying to open up my chances of getting a job.
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    I agree...and it can't hurt to look and apply! Best of luck to you!
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    Thanks. Can anyone tell me what hospitals consider new grads? Also I would consider LTC..
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    I just moved up to Baltimore from Louisiana less than three weeks ago and within the past month my 1 of my roomates got a job at Sinai hospital, the other got a job at UMMC, and I just got a job at Johns Hopkins...all starting off with RN NCI it is possible....
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    LAtoMD are u a new grad? And do u have a BSN? Also did u have license in MD before u started applying?
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    mel101478...yes I'm a new grad, I just graduated in May and I do have a bSN..... I was licensed in Virgiia (which is part of the compact states) before I started applying to Virginia....
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    Thanks LAtoMD I am in the process of getting my BSN. I graduated with an associates in December 10. Unfortunately NJ is not part of the compact states. Anybody think it's better to apply for a Maryland license or can I do the temporary license if I get a job??