Montgomery College Spring 2013 Applicants - page 7

I just submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC. Anyone else just apply for the August 1 deadline?... Read More

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    Ok. Thanks!

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    Hello Celinaconejo

    If you dont mind sharing, could you tell me how you plan to continue nursing education at UMB?
    From what I know, we are unable to transfer mc nursing classes to umb program?
    I am interested in getting my BSN eventually, hence I am interested in finding out this transition you are taking from MC ADN program to UMB BSN.
    Thank you so much.
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    I was waitlisted for fall2012 and accepted for mc in that semester. Md accepted me for the spring so I'm going to go ahead and start new there for my bachelors
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    I hope I get a good number and can get a decent schedule.
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    Hope to see you guys tomorrow. My name is Eboni by the way. I'm excited!
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    Can you tell us the uniform brand and style numbers?
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    Hey are any of you guys doing registration today?
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    Hello everyone. Happy New Year. Did anyone else get pulled out of their clinical already? A couple weeks ago I and I'm assuming the other 7 in my Friday clinical had to switch our clinical sights. I was soooo upset. I needed that Friday clinical so that I could keep working part time Tue Wed & Thur to pay for my classes. Do any of you guys work and have to switch your schedule or find another job? Anyone buy books and start reading yet?
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    Hey Ebbi. Sorry to hear that happened. I haven't heard of it happening to anyone else yet, but I wouldn't be surprised.
    If you ask on our facebook group page, someone else may have more info. Most of the folks from this thread have moved over to the fb group. Come join us!!/groups/376544749088916/
    Maddy : )
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    Hello and congrats to all who have made it into the nursing program!

    I wanted to ask those of you who are in what the average TEAS for the accepted students are. I know MC is competitive. My scores are: 84 overall, 97.6 Reading, 70 Math, 87.5 Science, 86.7 English. My GPA is a 3.4 and I have all priority coursed done. Does this look good or should I try to boost my scores?

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