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I just submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC. Anyone else just apply for the August 1 deadline?... Read More

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    It can be 2 days, or it can be three. Lecture for 110 and 105 were held the same day for my group. Clinical was the other day. 121 you can take on the same day as 110 and 105 if your schedule permits. Or you can take it on another day, making your schedule 3 days.

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    You don't need to have insurance, but you must sign a waiver verifying that the school is not liable for any costs.
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    Hi there @celinaconejo, Can you elaborate a little more on the schedule... like the time clinicals are held etc... I am trying to figure out how I will be able to work around my work schedule. I currently work part -time Tues Wed & Thur.

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    For our semester we had the choice of having NU110 lecture from 8-1150 or 3-650, then NU 105 could be at 1-150 or 2-250. NU 121 is offered at various times from M-F and it lasts apprx. 3 hours. Clinical is a full day and you would not be able to take NU 121 that same day. Hopefully that helps clarify some.
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    oh and NU110 is held Mondays
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    I am assuming the clinicals are the lab portion of the classes that have labs. My main questions I guess are: are the clinicals offered mon-fri and are you able to choose them or are they chosen for you.

    Thanks @celinaconejo
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    Clinically are offered Tuesday through Friday. Nu110 lecture is Monday. When you come in to register it is a lottery system. You will pick a number and depending on that number you get to pick your schedule. There are apprx 100 students so numbers 1-50 are normally okay. And you will get your choices. After that you have to settle for what's available. There are 8 spots per clinical group.
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    Ok thank you! May I ask how you like the program so far?
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    I like the program. It seems unorganized at first but you'll settle in. The testing is something to get used to and it may seem like common sense at first but regardless the reading is required. It isn't too hard but it's a new way of life so it's something to get used too. Workload isn't too bad but exams seem frequent. Please let your peers know or yourself if interested I will be selling books and a whole unused uniform.

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