Montgomery College Spring 2013 Applicants - page 3

I just submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC. Anyone else just apply for the August 1 deadline?... Read More

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    CONGRATS TxPatients!!! I cannot wait to meet everyone!!!!
    It did come certified mail, so it has to be signed for!!
    I'm excited, anxious and nervous!!!!

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    Thanks for your reply!! Eramos809. Congrats. Where do you live if you don't mond my asking? My letter hasnt come. The letters were mailed Friday according to admissions.
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    i missed a certified large envelope from MC today. but i need to ask, would it being certified AND large be a good sign?
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    Hi kylemac do you mind my asking where you live? I am looking out for my letter and am wondering if others got there's yesterday because of there location...did you miss it today?
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    i live in silver spring, missed it today
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    Oh, ok thanks @kylemac. I have my dad waiting at the house for the mailman now. I live in Upper Marlboro.
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    Goodluck everyone!!
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    Hi ebbi. I haven't received anything yet either! : (
    I'm in Takoma Park - 20912. Do they send rejections at the same time as acceptance? Eek!
    Congrats Eramos809!
    And kylemac- I would think certified and big is probably a very very good thing!
    Good luck everyone!
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    I just got my certified mail today but it was not big at all. Just a regular letter size envelop. contained 3 pg long packet and a red paper for confirmation for admission. For those who are wondering, I live in North Potomac area. Best of luck to all!!
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    Nothing came today 😔

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