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Montgomery College Spring 2013 Applicants - page 3

I just submitted my application for the Spring 2013 nursing program at MC. Anyone else just apply for the August 1 deadline?... Read More

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    Goodluck everyone!!
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    Hi ebbi. I haven't received anything yet either! : (
    I'm in Takoma Park - 20912. Do they send rejections at the same time as acceptance? Eek!
    Congrats Eramos809!
    And kylemac- I would think certified and big is probably a very very good thing!
    Good luck everyone!
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    I just got my certified mail today but it was not big at all. Just a regular letter size envelop. contained 3 pg long packet and a red paper for confirmation for admission. For those who are wondering, I live in North Potomac area. Best of luck to all!!
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    Nothing came today 😔
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    woohoo!! Just got my acceptance letter in the mail!!
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    I received my letter yesterday and I was accepted!!!! I am very excited to begin this journey and can't wait to meet you all for the orientation November 9th.
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    Congratulations to everyone. I look forward to meeting you all on the 9th!
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    I just got my letter!!! Wooohoooo! I'm in! Super excited!
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    YAY! I'm accepted too! Congratulations all around!
    So...have any of you started on the "To Do List" yet?
    Does anyone want to start/join a facebook group so we can get acquainted, share info., etc.?

    Are you thrilled to start on this new path??!!!!! Or is it just me!?
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    Hi MaddyG,
    My medical appointment is scheduled the first week after orientation; I completed all of my immunization tiers, physical, and had my second Hep B shot last month. I already did my CNA along with my CPR/BLS for health care professional.
    All I need to work on is the OSHA, uniforms, and background check and drug testing and I should be done, but that is something that they will discuss with us during the orientation.
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    Hi Everyone! As MaddyG mentioned I would love to start an FB account to get connected. At least we will know one another before orientation.
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    My gmail is I also have gmail chat.
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    I also have the majority of my items done, including Hep B, Vaccines, flu....and a walk in for my appt for bloodwork at my doctors. Most offices won't charge a copay because you may only need the nurse to do labs and paperwork. My physical is up to date so I don't need that. I have the CPR because I'm a PCT locally. Very excited and nervous like all of you. I can't believe we start in January!
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