Montgomery College Fall 2011

  1. I am thinking of applying for the Fall 2011 nursing program at Montgomery College but I have a few doubts. I have completed all of the English and Math prerequisites as well as Biology, Physiology I and II, Microbiology, Psychology and 1 arts distribution class. I also took the TEAS and did quite well on it (I don't have my score on hand but will look it up). My problem is that I received a D in Math-110, however I've received a B in all of my other classes and my GPA is a 2.70.

    I am currently taking statistics to make up for the Math-110 grade but it will not be finished in time to be counted for Fall 2011 admission.

    My question is, will my application even be considered with a D in Math-110 and would it be worth it to submit my midterm grade in Statistics and/or a letter from my professor with the application?

    Thank you for reading.
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  3. by   Lil-Dragon
    Is MA110 the only math course you've taken? If you've completed other math foundation courses with a C or better, the D for MA110 should get overlooked.
    I spoke with coordinator in the nursing dept. the other day: From my understanding, basically, the criteria are as follows: 1.) They look at min. GPA. as a qualifying factor. If an applicant meets the min., they look at completion (w/ satisfactory grades) of pre-req. and preferred courses. Those who have completed both A & P I and II will be at the top, even if their scores for the Teas are less than exceptional, as long as they meet the min scores. And I'm guessing those who have higher grades in A & P will be given preference within that group. Is your GPA cumulative or just the most recent 24 credits? Can you share your percentile rank and score for the Teas?
  4. by   Kani76
    From Nursing Dept @ MC I hope this info helps!
    I am sorry but your MA 110 will not count as meeting the requirement since your grade was a "D". Math is one of the courses that has to be a "C" or higher to be eligible. Your statistics will meet that need once it is completed. You can apply in March for Fall; however, you will only be classified as having three of the four priority courses completed. I do not know how many applications that will be submitted with students having all four priority courses completed. You could go ahead and submit your application for fall and if not successful, resubmit for spring (deadline July 1st). I am sorry that I do not have better news for you.
  5. by   MomBak2Skool
    From what I understand, Montgomery College has the best ADN program in Maryland; so I can imagine it's a very competitive program to get into. That being said, I think the fact that you received a D in your math foundation course will be frowned upon. Also, you have not yet taken Chemistry and your 2.7 GPA is very close to their minimum 2.5 GPA. I would wait until after you've finished this Statistics class (if you get an A that will probably put you over a 3.0).

    I'm applying for Fall 2011 also. My cumulative GPA is 3.38 (maybe a little higher if only the most recent 24 credits are being considered) and my science grades are:
    A&P 1-C
    A&P 2-A

    I took Pre-Cal for my math foundation and got a C and then got a B in Statistics. I also received an 87% on my TEAS. Even with my seemingly satisfying pre-requesites, I am nervous I will not get in since I have heard of instances where students with even higher grades, test scores, and GPAs did not get in.

    If I were you, I would wait until after finishing Statistics and Chemistry to apply to the program to better your chances. Why waste the money on the application fee if you don't meet all the requirements? Good luck with everything! Keep us posted with an update
  6. by   Monster620
    Montgomery College does not require chemistry. And, they changed their TEAS requirements to 83% for Reading and 66% cumulative.
  7. by   MomBak2Skool
    Does anyone know around when we'll be notified of decisions?
  8. by   Monster620
    When I checked in January, they said May/June.
  9. by   MomBak2Skool
    So I called the nursing department to ask when they would be sending out decision letters and they also said late May/early June. But then I looked at the thread for Fall 2010 and those people were also told late May/early June but they received their letters starting on May 1 so....I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything yet or gotten anything in the mail yet from MC? The waiting is killing me....!!!
  10. by   Lil-Dragon
    Monster 620 called a week or so ago and was told the letters would go out the first week of May. When did you call? No letters in the mail for us yet.
  11. by   MomBak2Skool
    I just called the Nursing Department now and they are still saying end of May BUT then she said they don't send out the decision letters, the Admissions office does so maybe they would know better? No letters so far this week but hopefully by Friday...
  12. by   Monster620
    I was told by Marjorie Davis, the Acting Registrar at MC, that the notification letters would be mailed out the first week of May.
  13. by   mom23boyz
    I can't possibly wait until late May, early June. I anxiously await the mail every day now.
  14. by   MomBak2Skool
    Quote from Monster620
    I was told by Marjorie Davis, the Acting Registrar at MC, that the notification letters would be mailed out the first week of May.

    If so, we should definitely know by the end of next week...(fingers crossed)