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Hello EVERYONE! I just recently interviewed for a position in the PICU at JHH, and was hoping to hear from others who have recently done the same! I'd love to hear about the experiences had throughout the NEW GRAD. Orientation... Read More

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    I received a primary interest letter on the 12th and no response back yet...I didn't put down any references other then their contact information. I attached my resume and cover letter. Hopefully they have something available or tell if they don't!

    Also I called the nurse recruiters earlier this semester and they sent me this email with the details for new grad applications. Here it is

    Please note that our new graduate RN positions are titled “Nurse Clinician” (no Roman Numerals following). Please verify that the position is an entry level position by reading through job description, click on “Apply Now” then “Application Process” to search our available positions. The postings on our site represent a comprehensive list of positions the hospital currently has available for applicants at this time. Unfortunately, applying online is the only way to be considered for available positions with The Johns Hopkins Hospital. We do apologize should there be no current opportunities listed for Nurse Clinicians (New graduates). We encourage our new graduates to check the website daily for new postings.

    Approximately 7 business days after submitting your application, you will receive a response from a Nurse Recruiter regarding your eligibility status, requesting dates of availability and instructions on what you will need to bring to your interview. Please see the “Interview Preparation” section on our website for all pertinent information.

    Also, new graduates have the benefit of an orientation program called “SPRING” or “PEDS” to aide you in your transition from a student to a practicing RN. You may also want to read up on these programs on our website listed under the “Students and New Grad” heading. Enrollment into these programs is automatic upon being offered a position with The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    I hope this information was helpful to you. Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please call our office at 410-502-3161.

    We wish you much continued success as you pursue your career.

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    Does anyone have any tips on getting in at JHH as a new grad? Are positions starting to open up. I check every day for NC positions and have recently applied for 2, one surgery and one surgery ICU. Any info would be helpful.


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