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Hello Maryland nurses :) I'm from the Boston area, graduating with my ADN in May. I applied for the JHH clinical nurse residency program and I just got contacted for an interview! I don't know... Read More

  1. by   faithl7
    Hi, there. i know this post was several years ago but would say that things run about the same? Thank you.

    Quote from sbostonRN
    I had SO much stuff. We were only in Baltimore for that one day, so I actually had a whole suitcase with my garment bag. I packed all my "plane stuff" in the suitcase and put my scrubs in the garment bag so I could just switch them out when I changed. The NM let me store my stuff in her office. So I definitely don't think it's a big deal if you have a backpack or briefcase to put your scrubs in. I think they understand you have to have a certain amount of baggage when you have to change mid-way through the day.

    Don't work yourself up too much. The questions they asked me were fairly easy (for me). Stuff like, the pt is in fluid overload, what drug would you give (Lasix)? The Lasix treatment isn't going well, she's going into renal failure, what else would you give (another diuretic, low Na diet, dialysis)? If you're not yet a nurse, you can always say you haven't had that content yet in clinical.

    The recruiter told me that they are kind of on a hiring freeze right now, so don't worry about being on a wait list. My "start date" was July 5th anyways, so it's a ways off. They have start dates once a month for orienting new grads. So it's very possible that you will start in the summer as well. Keep your hopes up and rock that interview!! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  2. by   shalbal
    Hi faithl7,

    I interviewed at JHH not too long ago and everything was pretty much the same as what sbostonRN said. The only difference is that I applied for a Nurse Clinician 1 position (entry level) so I didn't get many patient situation questions. The nurse manager asked more questions about me and my personality.