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Hello Maryland nurses :) I'm from the Boston area, graduating with my ADN in May. I applied for the JHH clinical nurse residency program and I just got contacted for an interview! I don't know... Read More

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    hi Stepherburg1

    I graduated in 2010 from the Philippines. My first job ever was at a long term care / rehabilitation facility here in NY from feb-july 2012. The recruiter said things about the units like Sub-Acute unit, Vent Unit...etc. I'm not familiar with the units in bayview medical. Is this a nursing home facility of the hospital or clinical rehab? Because she said it's not an acute care but a post acute care setting.

    thanks for the info.
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    I think that is the care center area more like the post acute they also have a "nursing home" portion as well. I am not over there alot so dont have alot of info although i know that they have hired a few new grads for over there as well.
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    thank you stpherburg!...Is it a good start there? i just had my phone interview there last Sept 17 and the recruiter was very nice to me. she said she'll get back to me in a week after she forwards my application to the nurse manager. but until now i havent heard anything. should i call her? I'm really paranoid if i got the job or not.
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    Hi Pokytrokyt!

    Does JHH accept only graduates in this country? I've applied to 3 Nurse Clinician positions but all I got was rejection messages in the status of my application. How do they really get to notice you? I mean, this is my 4th month mark of being unemployed. I feel like giving up already.
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    Realistically, JHH gets a huge number of applicants for every opening they have. Many nursing positions are only posted online for 1 day. So if you are not selected for one if these positions, you are in good company.
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    I work at the east Baltimore campus but from what I know Bayview has a full range of services/units. By no means is it a rehab facility or "sub acute". It is the adult burn center for Maryland, has a long-standing OR residency for nurses, etc. Definitely study their website a little bit to find out more about their services if you are interviewing there.
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    Hi, are you able to give me a name of a nurse recruiter in Bayview Medical, I am currently looking for a job there, it would be very helpful! I can give you my email, if you don't want to leave her name out in the open.

    Thank you!
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    Hello!! I was reading all your posts. I applied at JHH then they emailed me back and scheduled me for an interview...I'm kind of scared.. I don't know what to expect...
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    January 15---Applied
    January15---Nurse Recruiter e-mailed saying they are interested and asked when I want an interview.
    January 15--I replied and ask for Jan. 22nd.
    January 16---Nurse Recruiter confirms Jan.22nd but asked that I call on Jan. 18th to make sure Nurse Manager confirms since I was out of town.
    January 18—called nurse recruiting office and had the approval to come in Jan.22nd for interview
    January 22---I had my interview on the medical ICU and 2 hour share time.
    February 6th---Official letter being accepted for the position.
    February 8th---Scheduled for Occupational Health

    If anyone has more information on Occupational Health day as what to bring, wear and your experience….that would be nice. The same for Orientation please. Maybe some tips what you really must bring that would made these two processes (occupational health and orientation) easy. I wish everyone great luck. I know it’s hard out there.
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    What did your Nursing portfolio look like? I'm starting my RN program in the Spring, and instead of waiting until the end of my program to make my portfolio, I'm thinking I should set things aside along the way as I'm working through the program. Was your portfolio 8x10 or larger? Did you assemble it like a term paper?

    Thank you!
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    Quote from Pinaydizenueve
    Hello!! I was reading all your posts. I applied at JHH then they emailed me back and scheduled me for an interview...I'm kind of scared.. I don't know what to expect...

    Hi pinaydizenueve,
    did you get the job at Hopkins? I have an upcoming interview wondering if you have any tips for me?. Thanks appreciate
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    Can anybody tell me about the interview for JHH? Types of questions? Number of applicants per position?