Is it okay to negotiate...?????? Is it okay to negotiate...?????? | allnurses

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Is it okay to negotiate...??????

  1. 0 I just transferred from one hospital to another but they are both under one umbrella (Lifebridge Health) in MD. Im also transferring to a different department. According to the recruiter the pay stays the same and my benefits and all just crosses over to the other hospital. Is this typical? I just feel that i should be paid more..after all i have two years experience........Im i being unreasonable or does it make sense since its the the same company that they are both under?:imbar
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    If you're staying withing the same company and your role and responsibilities will remain the same, I can understand why your rate wouldn't change. You wouldn't expect to give you housekeeper a higher rate of pay just because you moved to a new house, would you?? Unless of course it was a much bigger house and thus a bigger workload. So that would be your only reason, if your new floor expected more of you than the previous one. And if it's not, I would just make sure that your "schedule" for pay raises would carry over, so if you were up for a raise in 2 months at the first hospital, then the case would be the same at #2.

    Also, no matter the case, it wouldn't hurt to negotiate with the manager rather than going by what the recruiter says.
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