How to pick some hours to avoid refresher course?

  1. When I renewed my Maryland RN license this year, I had worked 1000 hours in the previous 5 years, meeting the active practice requirement. However, most of those hours were 5 years ago, meaning that when I renew in 2010, I won't have enough hours and am about 500 hours short. I was planning on working full time again (after kids in school) in Fall 2010, meaning that my 2011 renewal will be fine; it's just 2010 I'll have a problem with.

    If I don't have 1000 hours, I'll need to take a refresher class, costing about $1500 and lots of my time. I'd rather not take the class since there is just this one year gap where I won't have enough hours.

    Any ideas on how I can pick up some hours, especially nights or weekends when my husband is around? Maybe volunteer somewhere? Or do you know of a way around the 1000 hours requirement?

    I'm in Gaithersburg. Thanks for your help!
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